Stealing Girl's Panties

I have a habit of stealing girls' panties. It all started with when I go to people's houses, family friends, cousins, school friends, etc. If there's a girl in her teens or twenties in the household, I use every opportunity to find her panties and take them. However, it started to get boring, so I started doing something much worse and illegal.
I snuck into my neighbors house at night, since they have a hot 17 year old in there, and began taking panties from her. I haven't been caught yet, but the adrenaline I get from doing it is great.

Feb 23, 2017

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  • You might enjoy it, and usually i would tell you to keep doing what you enjoy, but if your sneaking into someones house that's illegal! And it's really quite easy to be caught if your just stealing them...

  • YES! I am not the only one!. I intentionally visit friends that have young tween and teen girls...bkrrow the restroom and steal their worn panties out of hamper.

  • Use worn ones to lick out their P ussy juice and shoot your load inside their clean ones. Spread it out to dries unnoticed and return them to their clean laundry. It's great knowing your c um is going inside their tight c unts without them being aware.

  • You should quit breaking and entering; you don't really want a record and jail time. Also, those people don't know you and you could get shot.

  • Well Said my friend! He might enjoy it, however, it is illegal, and very dangerous!

  • Yes and the public shame and embarrassment that goes with it.

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