Married but curious about gay s**

I got a b****** by my friend when i was 14. It was my only gay experience I am happily married now to a woman but part of me is curious what full gay s** would be like I want to try c*** in my mouth and ass out of curiosity.

Feb 25, 2017

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  • Should have done that before you tied the knot! Now, you have a wife and its not right to move on to explore the gay side inside you now. Too late buddy

  • When I wear panties bras pantyhose nightie I fantasize about being a girl on my knees one in my mouth one in my rear licking my pre c** off of my finger

  • Honey, don't deprive yourself of what could be the most erotic, naughty and nastiest s** you ever had.

  • I am a happily married man of 12 years and I have a lot of toys I like to play with, But I often wonder what the real thing would be like to hold, taste and put inside me.

  • I think about the same thing I am a man but only when I am wearing panties and nighties just being a girl who likes to

  • Wearing panties and a lace top on my hands and knees he pulls my panties to the side licks and sucks my man slit just before he slides it in my rear slit I take all of him inside as I do with my wife's d illdo

  • Mhmm I do the same wearing wife's nightie and panties licking my c um while sitting on her d illdo pretending to be a girl and taking two c ocks at the same time mhmm I c um on the crotch of wife's panties than I put the crotch to my mouth and lick it clean did not like doing it at first gets better each time I do it one day I will swallow all of my c**

  • You might want to try a transsexual female that is not on hormones. I do this every so often. You would love taking a c** shot after sucking a d***.

  • Have a conversation with your wife, about how you feel. You're supposed to know your wife, better than anyone else. If that's true, how do you think your wife would react to this?

    I only ask this, because everyone is different and some married individuals are open minded about their sexuality and sexual trysts/wanting to explore things sexually as a couple. I'm aware, not everyone is as open minded and exploratory.

    Use your initiative and awareness of yours wife's personality etc, to guide you on what to do - whether or not to broach this topic with her. If you do, maybe you both could come up with a compromise. If you're able to experiment and explore with men/your wife is cool with that - ask your wife if she'd like to experiment with other women and/or just sleep with other men. Discuss options.

    Good luck. Remember, there's numerous relationship dynamics in the world today, yours doesn't have to be a traditional one - if your wife and yourself are in agreement with it.

  • I've been fooling around with amarried women for a year, her husband watch from a closet and joined in, which I didn't know about, he quietly joined in and to comply with the situation I was eating p**** and had a c*** in my face. I didn't miss a beat and satisfied the couple without hesitation it happens every day, your not gay you're sexually turnedon enjoy and keep eating or suckin, it's all good, everyone does it but 90% of people won't mention it. Enjoy what you get it's a new experience and learn from it. Experience counts

  • Not everyone does it. Don't make assumptions, based on your own judgements alone. However, I understood your point:-/

  • I have a fat 8in c***, you can suck and take in your tight a***

  • How do you know, his ass is tight? It maybe loose, due to many factors lol And Gow do you know, he'd want to receive a c*** up his a***? It's not everyone's preference, regardless if they're hetero or not. He may want to pound your backdoor, with his phallus instead.

  • Was I talking to you?

  • I don't know lol was you?! I didn't hear you talk to me, perhaps speak a bit louder!

  • Is f*** off w***** loud enough

  • Not really lol I still didn't hear you!

  • Lol looks like he does want to try ass s**, after all! Hypothetically, Pound away then!

  • Prove it! Send me pics, I've been involved in 3 somes many times. 1 c*** wouldn't hurt you brave enough
    . Where do you live , I'm try sexual, I'll try anything once. big r u? ??? And where do you live.

  • Sure you have

  • Send me your contact details

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