After math of s** with my stepbrother

My stepbrother and I have been fooling around for more than a couple of months, basically since the summer. It was just under the covers simple innocent touches. Then it turned into fingering, b*******, and handjobs. Then about 3 months ago we had s**. It was bad s**, it was both our first time and it was bad. It hurt and it was painful. We keep going with the other stuff as if it doesn't matter. We spend at least 2 nights a month together and then he leaves at like 2 am or something.
What sucks is that I feel like I have a connection with him. I don't know how to explain it. But the other days he treats me like s*** and what not. He hits me, makes fun of me, and is just plain mean to me.
I should probably stop doing what I am doing with him because he is my stepbrother but he is the only person I am comfortable doing that stuff with. I'm not even comfortable doing that stuff with my own boyfriend. I just need to find a way to get over him and move on.

Feb 25, 2017

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  • S** with me should cover that memory

  • Invite your dad into the f****** picture, stop hogging all the fun for yourselves you f****** inconsiderate s****

  • Invite my dad???

  • Perhaps you should get rid of him and the boyfriend and be by yourself for a little bit. Wait until you feel chemistry with someone nice that you really like. I told my daughter to not go for just anyone, but go for someone you really like and who really likes you or you will never be truly happy. Obviously, you don't love the boyfriend or you wouldn't still be doing things with your stepbrother. And the stepbrother relationship is toxic because of the way he treats you. Things are always better when you both like each other; so hold out for someone you really like and in the meantime decide what you want to be or do in life. Good luck.

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