My first male s** party

So I did something different last night. My wife and I have not had s** in a few years. Her best friend's husband and I have become pretty good friends. They haven't had s** in a long time, either. A few weeks ago he asked if things had gotten any better. They hadn't, despite my efforts. I told him I love my wife and don't really want to be with another woman, but I need some kind of outlet. He asked what if it wasn't with a woman. I laughed, thinking he was kidding. He apparently wasn't, but I wasn't sure what he was getting at. He told me he knows a group of guys in our situation. They get together once a month, and anything goes. I asked what he meant by "anything". He said anything our wives won't do. I asked how he knows so much about it, and he said because he's been going for about a year. After an awkward silence, I asked if he was gay. He said no, and as far as he knows, none of the rest of the guys are, either. They're just having a good time. I said I wasn't interested.

Later that night I tried to get my wife in the mood. She wasn't having it. I usually then watch p*** and take care of things myself, but this time I gave male on male p*** a try. I've never been grossed out by the idea, but I had never really given it much thought. I wouldn't say I was turned on by it, but just having another human being get me off seemed appealing. I called my friend the next day and asked, out of curiosity, how it works. He said I could just come to the next gathering. There's no pressure to do anything because everyone was in my position at one time. The guy who hosts it has a huge house with a pool. He supplies a lot of good food and drinks, and there's sports or movies on several TV's. So at the very least, it's just a good time hanging out. I told him I couldn't do anything with another guy, but I was curious to see this. I agreed to go.

The host has very strict rules. Everyone who attends must have an STD test. Sexual activity is only allowed in the pool area. Discretion is very important, so phones must be left outside the pool area. To be sure no one is hiding anything, everyone in the pool area must be naked. The party pretty much started in the front of the house with food and drinks. I liked all they guys right off the bat and had a lot in common with some of them. There were about 20 guys. It was fun, so I figured I'd hang out there all night, but eventually they started making their way to the pool and asked if I was coming. I hesitated, but they said to just hang out in the pool or hot tub, no pressure. I took a deep breath and stripped off my clothes.

Most of them were just lounging in the pool or hot tub, but some wasted no time and were already jerking each other off. My friend was in a c********** in the hot tub. I just sat in a chair and observed. Some guys never did more than hand jobs, but most progressed to sucking each other. Only a few did a***. Several guys came over to me and asked how I was doing and if I was considering joining in. I said I'm still not sure. After my friend blew another guy, he sat by me and said I wouldn't still be here if I wasn't liking it. He said once I get over the hurdle of having another guy touch my d***, it's easy from then on. He reached over and put his hand on my d***. I started to pull away but stopped. He put his hand all the way around it and gently started stroking. I kept telling myself I shouldn't be liking this, but the truth is it felt good. He said the next hurdle is I have to do it. The next thing I knew, we were jerking each other off. A few of the guys applauded and said welcome to the club. I suddenly felt my friend's warm c** all over my hand, and barely a second later, I released mine all over his. This was something I truly never would have imagined happening.

We went and relaxed in the hot tub with a few other guys. One of them asked if this means I'm fair game. He said he'd give me a first time freebee b*******. I told him it wouldn't have to be totally free and started jerking him off. Another guy told me I'm lucky because everybody wants to blow the new guy. I told him to get in line. So he yelled out for everyone to get in line to blow the new guy. I ended up having my d*** in 7 different mouths before I had to c** again. The host of the party told me to say when I was ready because he always gets dibs on the new guy c****** in his mouth. So I did, and they all cheered again. Then we all hung out in the pool a little more and then got dressed like it had never happened. I still can't believe I went through with it, but I'm so glad I did. I'll be going again next month because there's a lot more I want to try.


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  • You know I really find this sad; not what you are doing, but what you all are saying. Who are these women/wives. I hear it in magazine articles and on many sites like this. They all say the same thing; my wife won't give me s**. I've been married for over 25 yrs. and look like a less sexier version of Heather Locklear & size 6. I give my husband nearly anything he wants aside from sharing and we are doing it nearly every night. As far as I'm concerned a good wife should be giving her husband some type of s** two to three times a week at least. It isn't that our marriage is 100% happy, because all couples have fusses and times that are low in their marriage, but I have enough respect for him and know that it is my duty to do it. Actually I want to anyways, but I'm just saying they should at least respect you and love you enough to give you what you need in order for you not to cheat.

  • I wish all women were like you mine could care less an it's getting old j********** myself these stories are true an it should be a wife or even a husband should take care of each other sexual needs other then just paying the bills an sharing a house together sounds like my wife wish she were like you I want to leave her but I love her an hate to think of her by her self the rest of her life we all need someone

  • Sounds fun, I'd love to try this. My wife hasn't let me f*** her in 6mths

  • How old are you and we're are you based. Would you do a one to one. I'm in the same situation my wife is on anti depressants and has no s** drive, due to bereavement. We haven't f***** for two years, she wants me off once a week but I need more.
    I'd love to suck your c***, may even let you f*** me but never had gay s**, I will submit to your desires. I'm not the OP and live in the UK I have a thin 7in c***

  • Yes I would, do you just want to suck or f*** as well? I open to suggestions. My c*** is 6in but fat. I'd love you to s**** in my mouth and probably take your c*** in my a***

  • How do are you, I'm 59and live in Dudley UK. I want to experiment, starting with sucking each other's c**** but I'm sure I'd want to get around to f******

  • Wow I'm in Brierley Hill, I in weatherspoons at Merry Hill at the moment, I can get some condoms and lab, if you want to meet?

  • F****** he'll, I'm on my way, how do I recognise you?

  • Jeans, white shirt and black jacket, gusty beard in sitting in the patio area.

  • Paul arrived, he is half my age and can't wait to get my c*** in his mouth, we are on our way to my flat. Pocket full of condoms and lub

  • Thank you Paul, as you had never sucked c*** before, you did a great job. I loved it when you gagged as I spunked in your mouth. You have a great c*** and I enjoyed Wanking and sucking to and that you are big spunker. Looking forward to next Friday when we have more time and f***, I want that long c*** in my a***

  • Thank you Mark, I really enjoyed sucking you off, love the s**** in my mouth and your magnificent fat circumcised c***. Can't wait till next Friday. When I got home the wife said your in a good mood, I replied just met an old friend. What I really wanted to say was I have just sucked on other man's c*** and swallowed his s**** and it was better than f****** you. So I kissed her with the lips that had just been around your c***

  • I left our s**** stained sheets on the bed, my wife went crazy, about f****** another woman in our bed. I just said it was a man not a woman. She went out and came back an hour later and said, we'll as you don't bother me for s** carry on but what did you do. I told her we sucked each other offend next week we are going to f***. She cried saying iv turned you into a gay. I said no bi

  • Was just woken up by my wife sucking my c*** and she swallowed, something she has never done before. She said you don't need him. I told her, you were better at ducking c*** but I love her big t*** and c*** and she had to start f****** again and that I was still meeting Paul to experience gay f******, she cried again and has gone to her friends house

  • Well Paul I enjoyed F****** your a*** and you mine. My wife has said I should carry on F****** you, so I don't keep bothering her but I came still F*** her once a month

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