my panties

im a 15 year old boy and i am currently wearing a victorias secret thong, grey cotton, little pink dog logo in top corner on front, wite trim with pink candycane lines on all edges.

what do you all think of this

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  • Do you think you're straight?

    If not, cool. If so, cool.

    Undies are undies, what you like is what you like.

    I've got older straight men saying the same things, go for it.

  • I'm commenter number one..

  • Umm thats just creepy.
    you said you were bi...... might as well be gay.
    cause girls are not gonna find anything attractive about you wearing thongs.

  • w.e u wanna wear...if u were my bf though i would laugh at u =] but i dont whatever u want

  • You must have a really small package because those aren't made to give you package space

  • im bi.

  • I think that's fine..
    But I'm a 15 year old girl and if I saw a dude wearing those I'd be turned off sexually..

    Just wondering but are you straight?

  • to the person who told me i need god in my life, im a christian and go to church regurlarly, and to the first comenter: i no arent they just the cutest?

  • to each his own man.

  • You are a creeper and you need god in your life

  • Hey man, whatever you're comfortable in.

  • cuuute,
    I have those.

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