My foot fetish

I have had a foot fetish since my early 20's. I never felt comfortable talking to my deceased wife about it, so I acted out this fetish with prostitutes. I like large women, so I gravitated to women over 200 LBS. My typical experience would be licking her feet and then j**********. One woman made me beg for it, which excited me as I'm a submissive person.

Several years ago I married a woman about 10 years younger than me. My new wife is 5-3 weighs 200 lbs and has a bit of a dominant nature. I gathered up the courage to confess this and she was receptive. It started out with foot massage and has graduated into full scale foot worship. I spend about 9 hours a week kissing and licking my wife's feet, while she watches television. I have to ask her permission to j*******. When it's granted I lay underneath the recliner and j******* while looking at the bottom of her feet.

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  • I get my wife to use me like a piece of furniture. I lay in the floor, she sits on my stomach, takes her shoes off and I smell and kiss her feet while she watches tv. I love when her feet are really smelly, after I smell them for a while I kiss and lick the bottom of her feet and lick the sweat from between her toes.

  • I have feet fetish as well and used to lick the sole of my ex gf and suck her toes for ages , gosh I miss it . She enjoyed it very well and enjoyed the mature of having me at her feet specially when she comes from work

  • Harmless your wife must feel like a goddess all the attention you give her most women love a foot massage. I don't see how this could turn bad unless it gets to her head and she starts bringing her girlfriends over and orders you to massage there feet as well that could be a good thing though. What if she caught you giving another woman a foot massage behind her back. Do you think she would get real upset and punish you in a severe way ?

  • I have licked many women's feet and had several foot jobs, especially with my wife. I have calmed it down now with her but I still love the look of sexy feet and w*** off to feet p***.

  • There's someone for everyone. Watch quentin tarantinos movies. Some of them make it painfully obvious that he too has a foot fetish. Death proof should rile you up.

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