Family's Worn Panties

I'm sure I'm not the only one but I would like to know how many other guys sniff, lick and suck out P ussy juice from their family and friends worn panties.
Over the years and to this day, I have taken hundreds of pairs from bedroom floors and laundry baskets and sucked out all the lovely c unt juice of my mom, wife, sister, sister in laws (5) friends, neighbours, daughters (3), niece's (3), nieces daughter's (2), friends daughter's (lost count), and my granddaughters. And I can tell you, that all their P ussies taste amazing.
While I pump my c ock, there's nothing better than sucking out all their slime from the fabric which has been pressed close into thier moist s lits and lips. Sometimes I've taken them within minutes of them being removed and they're still warm and moist from the hot c unt that leaked into them.
I guess sometimes I'm swallowing thier c um as well as normal P ussy juice and it makes me even harder.
Best of all is when I steal a clean pair of panties as well, in which I shoot my load into them, rub it in well and return them to the fresh linen drawer. Knowing almost all of the females I mentioned have had my c um rubbing into and going inside their beautiful P ussies is unbelievable.
I love them all and have many worn pairs of panties in my secret stash, but my daughter's and grandaughters still taste the best and I love knowing my load has gone inside their tight holes.

Mar 5, 2017

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  • I have also been panty sniffing every female in my family I am actually sniffing a pair of my daughters dirty panties as we speak so musky and really tangy. mmmm

  • I too lick my granddaughters dirty ones. I get so hard thinking of her little p****, as I j*** off. I want to lick her so so bad.

  • it to.....

  • I love to f*** every lady in the world , but like to lick and smell and f*** my own mom while she was sleeping

  • My mother in law is so mmmm yummy I wanna another bar sessions guess I missed the signs skirt and lavender mmmmm momma Ang-el shhhh

  • I love wearing sniffing and licking my mothers used underwear thay get me so hard. i love the smell and the taste of her p**** jucies in them i bin using them since i was 13 i use to love to wear her used sexy panties to school . i use to look forward to her taking them of every morning and then me grabbing them when thay was still warm and damp from her sweat tasting p**** after school i would come home go to her bedroom and play dress up with her underwear and have a great w*** in them then i would leave the s**** filled panties on her bedroom floor for her to see my s**** in them and hopfully she wear again with my c** rubbing in her lush p****

  • I been tasting my daughter and granddaughter panties for long time they like to watch while I m********* in them them they lick my c** up and the the give me head!

  • I did the

  • Be specific man you did the same of what???

  • We spent a weekend with my wife’s sister and her husband. We planned on going to the beach but her husband had to stay to work from his home office, which is also their guest room. When changing clothes my wife left her worn panties on the floor. He found them and called us to ask what to do with them. Do you think he sniffed them?

  • I like dressing like a woman wearing panties pantyhose bras makes me feel like a woman that's when I love tasting my come pretending it's his I slide his d*** in my ass like a good girl I love the taste of my come

  • I too love dressing like a b**** and sniffing pantries. I love sticking the in my as and riding them up up my ass. Pulling them up inside my cheeks then sniffing them my them after pulling them them e we IHrr Er m with
    Them with with my cheeks And smelling them t

  • Nothing wrong with it.

  • Love wearing sniffing licking jerking off with my mother in laws panties...momspantysniffer

  • I love wearing my mother-in-law's panties sniffing and licking them as I wear her nightie I put her d**** up my ass and I slowly work it up and down I hold her dirty panties to my nose delicious I come on the crotch of her used panties as I slowly slide her d**** in out of my ass I lick and suck my come off the crotch her panties my mother in laws sweet p**** tastes so good so delicious

  • Love my mothers in laws underwear she's 86 and wears uk size 20/22 there huge I go to her house daily take a dirty pair from the laundry basket and Wear them for a day return them and get another pair all the time rock hard in them just love wanking in them I've wore every pair she owns and I even no which pair she has on before I get them i just love them so much

  • Hot!!

  • I love to smell lick kiss them its amazing.

  • Me too. ive been buying my own now. do u?

  • Never bought them. Can get them easily and I like to see, talk and smile with the girl who's P ussy juice i have tasted and has likely had my c um rubbing into their c unt lips.

  • OK old man! I was with you until you said "daughter's, grand-daughters etc"....LOL.

  • Lol. So you're okay licking your nieces, friends and neighbours little girl P ussy but not daughter's or grandaughters?
    I'll lick any. Always liked the taste of my daughters and grandaughters. No choice other than to take it from their worn panties now days. Always took direct from the source from first days on this earth till the time they're possibly able to tell mommy. Seeing them quiver and seemingly Org*** never failed to make me c u m. Which of course was left in certain places for good measure.

  • Uncle Steve here, I have a collection of panties and I've taken it a bit further. The last thing I did was to shoot my load on my 83yo mother in-laws panties then sucked it up with a craft syringe and squirted it in mother in-laws v a g s i l tube which was about half gone, three days later it was nearly empty--so you know where my c u m went, that's right, I wonder if it stuck her p u s s y lips together.
    I also put some on her toothbrush, inhalers, inside her clean bra cups and clean panties, thinking about toothpaste tube next.

    Next is 14yo niece's bra, panties and toothbrush and anything else I can find.

  • Would you eat your MIL's c u n t or do you think it would taste horrible

  • I sure would I love wearing
    sniffing and licking sucking the crotch of her panties she knows she has a nice butt wears short skirts just below her crotch when she is sitting down she spreads her legs wide enough so we all get a good look. Funny thing is I was just wearing that same pair the day so many times momspantysniffer

  • I would love to eat her c unt. What I've licked and sucked out of her panties tastes amazing.

  • Amazing. Tell us when your 14 year old niece has swallowed your c** from her toothbrush. Knowing her little c*** has had your load inside it is wonderful. Any others?

  • I've already c** on my daughters tooth brush,hair brush,and in her dirty panties

  • It's a wonderful world

  • Wonderful. What age was she when you began tasting her P ussy from her panties and how old is she now? I love spying on my daughter and granddaughter in the bath. Seeing their slits and then washing and touching themselves is such a turn on
    Then taking their panties and licking their fresh c unt juice is the best.

  • Easter is coming up and it's at their house, their toothbrushes are in the half bath in the hallway, I'm going to put C U M on all four of their toothbrushes and I'll try to get some in the toothpaste tube, tampons and panty liners are fair game too, whish me luck....

  • Swiped many of my hot older sister's thongs and bikini bottoms, to the point where she not only knew, but, would ask if I had a certain pair in my room or on my person. Went to a state park to tan with her one afternoon, and before we left, she directly, and in fun, said "If you want to see me in that tiny black bikini that barely covers anything...Hand over the bottoms so I can wear them". Knew I had them.

    Another time, she stayed overnight at my townhouse, we went out, had fun, and so forth. Next morning, she's packing her zipper bag, and joked "If I look in here, do I have any undies left? You do have them, right?". Yep, I did. Now it's a fun thing between us.

  • Such a turn on my mother's slit tastes so good her scent stays on my upper lip all from her panties...momspantysniffer

  • Love wearing my mom's panties garters pantyhose slips bras while holding the crotch of her used panties to my nose sniffing and licking. If your mother is a hot piece of ass like mine you should be sniffing licking her panties

  • You are one sick M***********!!!

  • I used to sniff lick and wear my older sisters when I was at home and my friend used to play dares and try them on and he'd w*** me off and I'd w*** him off while him wore them my sister was 19 at the time and a school hottie she never found out but we both used to c** in her panties

  • I love doing this too

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