Like to wear woman's see though laugure chothes.

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  • Confusion!

  • Don't worry about it: this isn't worth understanding. Go read another post.

  • Tranny kenny.

  • ^You're a wood sucker^

  • Ken does this cuz to ken is to snow know. red jeep, yellow jeep, big momma siliver rodeo jeep with 8I-tch or was it 8-Itch number plate hope she feels the itch she gave me with her 8ball dirty knickers on her face and mirror all the time that M was sick of. everyone snows all about you snow ken and not about m. so stop butting in the way. big butu's end up in space.

  • Op is a tranny too

  • ^wood sucker^

  • WTF? Are you high?

  • The person above is

  • Lingerie and clothes, not laugure and chothes

  • Lol you that tranny

  • ^woody sucker^

  • No, you're that "Tranny lover" nothing wrong with that, don't be ashamed

  • Lol you that trannny

  • ^woody guy sucker^

  • :-)

  • And through not though.

  • I like you

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