S** and deja vu

I've never had s** and any sexual intercourse in life (virgin), but sometimes it feels like I've done it before. Strangely, it gives me a feeling of deja vu. Just thinking about s** or making love seems common to me because it feels like I've done it multiple times with someone (one individual) before. I'm not exactly sure how to put this in other words, but it doesn't give me a feeling of a virgin. Not sure why do I feel the way I feel, but I know I feel it, which is mysterious to me.

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  • You were a h***** in your past life.

  • Your definition of w**** is blind sighted

  • Our brain is weird. Are you girl or guy because as I understand it, a guys s** drive is very much driven by hormones but a girls s** drive is a combination of hormones and relationships

  • No one would comprehend. I just wanted to write it as a confession feeling.

  • I agree with you, your confession is just a confession and not for people to try to comprehend/analyse and diagnose it.

  • Thank you (:

  • Your welcome :)

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