Drunk theeesome with pal and Escort

I was planning to propose to my girlfriend next week so went on a guys trip .. I have always been faithful and never even looked at another woman
In this damn trip I got really drunk (stupid and shouldn't have done that) ended up having threesome with an escort and my friend I regret it very very much deeply and now torn on what to do
She got cheated on before and still hurts her and don't wanna say to not hurt her more as before today I was the perfect boyfriend (according to her and her family) and she's been the best person I ever met... I remember her telling me once not to tell her if I stray but don't know if that's being fair to her any advice ?

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  • Get checked out for STIs then keep it to yourself. Maybe you should evaluate your relationship and make sure your really happy in it

  • Female perspective here - Don't tell her!

    What you did was wrong, but you've acknowledged it was and you was a loyal boyfriend leading upto that mistake and since that mistake.
    Just move on and don't do it again!

  • Keep your mouth shut you idiot! You f***** up, try not to do it again, and live happily ever after. It's a f***** up thing, but if you are honest to make yourself feel better, you'll destroy her. Just try and be good from now. Spoken from experience.

  • Don't tell her. Man up and live with it, your just unloading your guilt on her. She doesn't need to suffer. Just keep it in your spank bank (memory) and don't do it again, if you truly love her.

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