She's half my age...Still want her

Been associating and hanging out with a beautiful, blonde-haired, fit-bodied younger woman with an incredible, sexy smile lately. I admit to "working on her" and reeling her in to get to this point. We're becoming close friends, are physical-touchy, joke around, and rest our legs on each other's beneath a table or bar when out and about.

Thing is, she's half my age, and I really want her. Every time I'm with her, all I can think of is..Damn, I so want you. Have had dreams about her, message her when we're not together...Kind of becoming obsessed with her a little. Know the age difference would be a tough sell to people, since she looks younger than she is (petite, very sweet-looking, girl next door type). She's not against, or, hasn't done or said anything to indicate resistance, to our being together or messing around, so, it's a green light to me.

Half my age, yet, still really want her. Can't get her out of my mind.

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  • If you are 24. , go for it!

  • Muhammad had s** with a nine year old so why not

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