Wife f**** other guys

My wife & I have a totally open relationship. She is f****** 4 other guys on a regular basis....I love her being used as a s** toy while at the same time she's totally getting off on being so well serviced. She brings home a well f*****, c** filled p**** weekly. We have a lot of fun with it...Mskes our s** even hotter....Love it, Surprise gang bangs are the best!!!



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  • May a thousand N1ggers fu3k your wife!

  • Your racism is ugly and stupid.

  • My wife is the biggest w**** I've ever known. A couple of drinks and she will do any thing with any one.

  • Vodka brings out the "she'll do anything" hotwife with my wife.

  • How many c**** has she had at once? I'm trying to get my wife into going with 3 or 4.

  • 5 guys

  • 5 at once

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