I think my p**** is to big

I'm 23,in college and have a beautiful girlfriend with lovely t*** and a tight p****,she is 22.But all she does is give me a handjob or make me go down on her.I asked her why I can't put my c*** inside her and she just says that I'm to big.Ive had s** before and every girl I've had it with ends up squirting and going into an intense o*****.I measured my p**** yesterday and it came out to be 10 inches...I'm in love with my current girlfriend and really want to have s** with her..how can I convince her to let me.And tell her that I'll go easy and slow.Please help me out this is my last resort

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  • Use your head. When a gal has the privilege of her father making love to her, she seldom ever exercises the option of getting laid by a amateur like you. Digest that mainstream concept until your head clears fool.

  • F*** off u dumbass p****

  • You need to go back to spelling class li'l guy. It's spelled P_E_N_I_S. Not P****.

  • Mmhmm.. And then you woke up.

  • Omg, it's a typical fish story.

  • Bingo. Tell me about it.

  • She just didn't want to tell me that they had regular high school s**, weekends you know, so she said he was too big even though she was super wet.... She did finally admit they f*****.... Actually she properly f***** him rather than he f****** her. I love it, it's my big turn on

  • My wife had the same issues but admitted later he could f*** her

  • Oh in your mind you're too big.... you might think about doing gay p*** if you want to get laid

  • Are you sure you didn't measure it in millimeters?

  • Lol good one!

  • Too big, not to big.

    Have you considered, that your girlfriend may be a virgin? Ask her, if you don't know.

  • ^tranny^

  • Tranny rimmer

  • You that mma trannnnny !

  • Tranny sucker

  • Stop spreading rumors!

  • H*** no

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