Eating c** or sperm

Now they want to eat there c**. Cause there wife's won't.

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  • Only mine and that's only when I am wearing panties bras or a nightie being a good girl

  • I like to share snowballs.

  • Like to eat c**. My own to.

  • Me too.

  • Like to eat c**

  • To be honest I like to get my nuts off on a womans mouth. It feels like Im making her my w**** and if she has a husband or a boyfriend it feels even better.

    Now I understand not all women are into that, and if shes not it thas fine. I wont ever force anything to anybody but if I can dump a load in her mouth then sure I will

  • C** is s**** you foolish idiot! If you don't know the difference, you're too young to confess your tripe on here! Either that or you're f****** stupid!

  • C** has alot of vitamins in it so I eat alot of it c** c** c** in my shot glass will drink it

  • Sure you do, you fucktard!

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