Eating c** or sperm

Now they want to eat there c**. Cause there wife's won't.

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  • When i was 15,i finially made my First Communion with the class of 2nd graders[7 year olds and had to wear the poofy,short sleeve,top of the knees communion dress and veil with the lace socks and white mary jane shoes.My parents made me wear a white tee shirt with a cloth diaper and toddler size plastic panties under my dress like the little girls wear.After my party,my boyfriend,Todd,who was 16,took me to his house,as his parents were out of town.He got my communion dress off of me,then pushed me to my knees and made me suck him! I swallowed his sperm and gagged on it!

  • Only mine and that's only when I am wearing panties bras or a nightie being a good girl

  • I like to share snowballs.

  • Like to eat c**. My own to.

  • Me too.

  • Like to eat c**

  • To be honest I like to get my nuts off on a womans mouth. It feels like Im making her my w**** and if she has a husband or a boyfriend it feels even better.

    Now I understand not all women are into that, and if shes not it thas fine. I wont ever force anything to anybody but if I can dump a load in her mouth then sure I will

  • C** is s**** you foolish idiot! If you don't know the difference, you're too young to confess your tripe on here! Either that or you're f****** stupid!

  • C** has alot of vitamins in it so I eat alot of it c** c** c** in my shot glass will drink it

  • Sure you do, you fucktard!

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