Silent s**

I am bored with s**. My wife does not want any noise. No grunting. No talking. No asking would she like me to touch here or is this working. If I start to get excited and make any noise she'll very quietly say "shhh".

When we have s** she lies on her back legs apart and I push in. She lies still with her hands beside her. I will ask if she would like to roll over. Sometimes she says yes. Then I have to lie there like that. Totally still. Hands by my side. She tries to work up an o*****. Sometimes she succeeds. If she does then she will lie on my chest for a few minutes. Then she will say your turn. We will over so she is on her back.

She will lie totally still. Her hands by her side. I ask her to hug and hold me and she will put her hands around me but keep them still. Then I f*** her. She never has an o***** this way.

Then we lie on our backs on the bed holding hands.

I so so wish for exciting s**.

Mar 13, 2017

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  • She is fantasizing about the Guatamalan pool boy and your voice is ruining it.

  • Your f****** a bot lol

  • This sounds like the main characters wife from 1984

  • I sympathise with you, I truly do. However, your confession is hilarious!!!!!!!!

    Perhaps your wife finds s** itself a chore and doesn't actually enjoy the act of making love leading upto, an orgasmic release. Some individuals might not.

    How long have you been married to her? And wasn't she like this when you first starting dating each other? If yes, why didn't you discuss these concerns with her before. Is she a different person outside of the bedroom and in other areas of your relationship, because it seems like your only concerns are her bedroom skills and stupid unsexual demands.
    Maybe seeking support and advice from a s** therapist/counsellor might help.

  • You need to dump her. Sounds so boring. If not dump her try turning her over and put her on her knees and f the s out of her till she crys

  • Her bedroom antics and sexual skills seem boring. But she maybe great in other areas of their relationship.

    Their love life is one aspect of their relationship and not the only aspect. However, it seems important to the OP.
    So he should discuss these concerns with his wife and try to work through them, before deciding/contemplating, ending their relationship.

    Ending their relationship should be the last option and only carried out - after they've attempted to sort through/improve aspects of their lives and it's still hasn't improved.

  • Should have figured that out before you married. Fucken virgins before marriage deserve lame s**. That or i think your wife needs to be taken jn control and be pounded like a s***. Most all females want this. Admit it or not its the truth

  • You sure it's no a blow up doll. You're doing

  • Possibly

  • She sounds like she is not that into you or had a traumatic event that put her off s** or that she is into girls... talk to her... it doesn't sound normal sexual behavior unless she is into morbidity.

  • Lol I agree

  • Basically shut the F*** up

  • You should be telling this to your wife!

  • My thoughts exactly! The OP is a dumbass!

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