i ve been with a married man for the past 3 years. i didnt know that he was married when i slept with him for the first time but the very next day when i went back to work i didnt see him and i asked where he was at and a waiter told me that his wife was having the baby she had gone in to labor. i know thats f***** up but i didnt know he had a wife or that she was even pregnant. that was over 2 1/2 years ago and every once in a while i still mess around with him. i know its wrong but its hard to stop just for the fact i see him every day since we work together. and he tells me every day how pretty he thinks i am and he tells me that he wants to be with. i know that its keeping me from being in other relationships but how do i stop this?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I suggest being single for a bit and try fooling around with some other guys.... want my number?

  • Walk away homewrecker and while you doing that get tested for STD ie.., AIDS
    You dont know what this a****** is been up to
    Pray his wife doesnt find out.

  • homewrecker

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