Neighbors Panties

I stole a pair of my neighbors cotton panties and found her s** toys. She was out of town. I have always fantasize about her triple'D's' T*** and want to F*** them. Anyway I took her panties home and her vibrator, stripped put her panties on and proceeded to live up my C*** and Stroke myself to an amazing explosion. I have keep them, but returned her toy. I often wear her panties, photograph myself in them and post on pornhub.

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  • I hope you have fun and enjoy

  • Fantastic. Did you shove the vibrator up your a ss hole and smear it with your c um? Knowing your neighbour will have your juices in possibly all her holes would blow your​ mind. Bet her pantie juice tastes wonderful.
    Well done. Please tell more.

  • I hope you get herpies or aids from her toys

  • I hope her panties have crabs

  • Kill yourself

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