Question about nude swimming

I've heard stories about swimming lessons where the boys were nude and the girls wore tank bathing suits. I'm intrigued, but I have to admit I'm skeptical. Does anyone know if there's anything to any of these stories?



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  • Its true. I used too give private lessons too boys and girls and they swam naked...

  • Not swimming lessons. Back on the farm we used to swim in the pond back away from the road. The boys would all swim nude but all the girls wore bathing suits.

  • It's half right. It used to be fairly common, and there are still some places where it is the rule, that boys have to take swimming lessons in the nude. The original reason for this rule seems to be unknown. One idea that is often suggested is that, at the turn of the last century, when men's swimsuits were full body garments, it was thought that they would shed lint and clog the pool filter. The problem with that theory is that women's suits were even bulkier and more covering at the time, so the real reason seems lost in the mists of time. At any rate, in places where that rule was, and is, enforced, the swimming classes are strictly segregated. They are not, and never were co-ed.

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