I think Canadians are a bunch of f***** up c****.

Mar 17, 2017

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  • I wouldn't put others down if I were you, because I worry about a country that elected George W (Twice!), then Trump!

  • We have more water than you more land and when the climate heats up you will be burnt not us

  • I think Americans are the same, but you see me posting that online...


  • You're just jealous that we're more advanced in thinking, you don't understand our ways because your brain isn't developed enough.

  • "Advanced"? Seriously? LOL

  • Space station telephone quantum computer to name a few dumbshit

  • Lol it must be difficult for you having such a small c*** and all

  • Oh yes lol

  • It's true. I know a lot of them, and they're all that way.

  • Yes, but you don't know the majority of Canadians.

    You must be stupid if you're basing your judgements; on a minority of Canadian's you may know, that you deem stupid.
    Just because you perceive them to be, doesn't mean they're.

    You're the stupid one here!

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