Family Exposed Naked at the local pool

Although I've always been a bit of an exibitioinist, just recently I can't stop myself showing myself and my two young daughters to anyone who cares to see, at our local pool.
When we're had our swim and showered, there's nothing I love more than noticing people staring at us. I always make out I'm inocently squatting down to dry my daughters but I know full well that I've got my legs open as wide as I can and that my bald p u ssy and my lips are on display for all to see. And boy I sure do get some looks of appreciation, sometimes from girls but mainly from men. I realise too however, that they may also be looking at either of my daughters, who I dry off slowly in front of everyone to see also. Ensuring that their feet are raised of the wet floor and placed on the wooden slatted bench which they're sat on, I tell them to keep their knees and legs wide open so that mommy can dry their little parts properly and to let the air help dry them too. Mommy always ensures her girls are towelled and rubbed well. And I'm certainly not the only one who pays attention to detail, given the amount of times some guys look over at us all.
I guess I could give both of my daughters a towel of their own and cover myself up too, but having just one small towel between us keeps me excited. Given that my eldest daughter Emily is 9 and begining to develop tiny but noticeable b reasts, maybe I should get her a towel of her own, but where's the fun in that lol. Rebecca is 6 by the way, and of the two, she's the one who certainly needs no prompting from mommy to keep her bald little girl parts exposed to the air in order to dry herself. Sometimes I do have to at least pretend to be a responsible parent when she opens her legs as wide as they will go and pulls them high above her head so that her bottom hole is exposed to all as well as her open little tu tu.
A couple of times recently I've seen a couple of good looking guys staring at all 3 of our exposed hairless p u ssies and I've been really tempted to beckon them into one of the family cubicles so they can get a much closer look.
Can't wait to get to the pool next week lol.
What would you do if you saw us getting changed near you?

Mar 18, 2017

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  • Fake šŸ™„

  • Id love to take all 3 of you home so we could all lick, suck and f*ck each other. Especially your 2 sexy little daughters.

  • Like to fk you dirty mummy

  • That is so hott I wouldn't mind seeing that I wouldnt f*** them cause they are so young but I wouldn't mind if they watched me f*** their mommy and they licked your p**** while I cummed on your face

  • Fu king mommy would be great though surely you'd find it hard not to at least lick both little girl'sā€‹ pu ssy and have mommy lower each one of them down onto your c o ck. Bet you would shoot your load in one of them before you get to mommy lol. I would. Then again, i would be pounding them both from behind while mommy fingers them in between and we both play with their tight little bottom holes too. Guess doing them in the ass at the pool ain't gonna happen until we get to know each other better.

  • That's really hot. Bet there's many guys happy to be going to the pool with you and your cute daughters to see.
    Ignore the critic. He's just your general r***** who only finds enjoyment by trauling around making himself feel better by picking fault in others. Your typical f****** who's never got past first base lol

  • Only a fucktard like you would think little girls are hot. Ya sick f***!

  • We all know you and every other guy would be inside that cubicle and have either of those little girl's open their tight little pu ssy and have you lower them onto your c***. Having the mom and sister watch you fu ck thier bodies would make you c um inside them in seconds. I would and already have many times.

  • You f*** little kids? Stay away from my sisters u sick f***

  • I hope big Bubba finds your ass one day with his big black c***.

  • Clearly you are close to Big Bubba. He and others must have been f u cking your a ss for years lol ha ha ha ha ha.

  • If you had half a f****** brain, you would know this fucktard has already been called out on her. They wrote the same f****** story a months ago ya dumb f***. Of course you could be the OP who's acting like someone else. I mean you are low enough to do something like that ya POS.

  • I see you ran out of bullshit stories to tell so you're repeated stories now?

    Why don't you put down the hotpocket, push your chair back away from the computer, and take a shower. Then, put on some clean clothes, come up out of your parents basement, and find a f****** job. Stop living off your parents, surfing p***, and wacking your little p****. Grow the f*** up!!!!

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