Dear B****

I will not stop until i've completely ruined you, h*** if you killed yourself that would be a bonus. I smile every time you're sad, and i devote a special half hour each week to sending you yet another message that you will read, not respond to, then make your status upset.

I will relish in every chance to make you miserable. I will laugh everytime you hate yourself. I will smile wider than i ever had when you're entire self is crushed.

I SHOULD feel like a maniac. But you deserve it more than anyone ever. You're such a filthy s*** and so delusional that you deserve everything that i'm going to do to you.

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  • Drama Queen!

  • Dennis is that you? You f*cking moron. After all she did for you, you act like this? She gave you her kidney when you need a transplant. Any normal person would be grateful for life. But not you. You divorce her and drag her through court. And now you only pay $56.00 a month in child support. F*ck you. I know you are my wife's brother but I hope I never see you again you piece of s**t.

  • your on my hit list

  • I've had that done to me. It sucks

  • you're an a******. actually i think you're probably beyond that more like totally f***** up.

  • omg, you're one of those creepy, nasty f****** that i was trying to tell my friends about. my whole life, i've been sheltered by imperfect, but mostly decent folks my whole life. i've become scared of people because of people like you. none of them actually harmed me personally but the meeting was just so poisonous. i never knew such rotten people existed. it's not you, as an individual, that scares me, but the evil you represent.

  • i can't understand how some people spend time with so much hate on their mind. isn't it draining?

  • U LLLLA.. such luv effection for the person.. I mean .. just buy a gun & shoot on his/her forehead ... point blank.. that would be fine... battle won

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