How to f*** my girlfriends sister

I am 23 yrs old and my gf is 23 also. Her sister is 21 who's f****** hot than her. We live in their house and our room with her sis is the same but separate bed. my gf go to work at 5am and her sis is 10am. Every morning if my gf is arrive, i feel shes seducing me. Or, im a kind of crazy whos assuming. one day when my gf arrive, i go to her bed and said that i cant sleep alone. I want to f*** her but i cant! im scared. Until now, when my gf arrive my gf's sis and i only in the room but a different bed. What can i do to f*** her without hesitation? we're so close.

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  • 1. I can tell that English isn't your first language.
    To arrive means to get somewhere. What you meant to say is that your girlfriend is leaving, not arriving.

    2. Try telling her you're cold, asking if she's cold too and suggesting you could keep each other worm. Or tell her the bed gets so lonely when her sister leaves, ask her if she ever misses having someone to snuggle with and see where it goes...

    Good luck, and keep us posted! ;)

  • Thank you. I will ask her if she's cold and if she would like to move beside on our bed? everyday i feel h**** on her. what the f***! but i can't do a safest move.

  • I'd say the moves I suggested are pretty safe. It comes across that you're hitting on her, but you could just play it off as being polite if need be.

    Let us know how it goes! ;)

  • Huh? what? i don't understand. Haha. What can i do to have a safe moves? until now i feel h**** every morning. Haha but i don't know what to do.

  • The moves that I wrote are safe because if anyone gets mad at you or accuses you for anything then you can say you were just being nice and polite. :)

    Let us know how it goes! ;)

  • Thank you! but i will do it in the perfect time. Cause for now, i get nervous everytime she caught me stalking at her in the morning. I am scared! but i will do the moves that you said.

  • Great! just let us know how it goes! Good luck, bro! ;)

  • I can't do bro. I'm scared. Even though its just a little bit closer. I want to touch her b**** but im scared. I want to touch her p**** but im scared! fuvk! i just want to know what it goes but i can't do anything.

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