Love triangle, s** s** s**

So I'm a first year at university and met this guy on a night out ( let's call him Fred) so me and Fred start hooking up at least once a week and to cut a long story short now we are in a relationship. Before we got involved into a proper relationship I met this other guy (let's call him Jack). I was so attracted to jack and ended up f****** him, the s** was so good but it was more than that, I started falling for him as a person too. Now I do love Fred so so so much and I mean that but I just want to f*** jack all the time aswell and hate the thought of jack getting with someone else. It's super selfish I know but I just love them both so much, I couldn't end it with Fred because he's amazing and great in bed but I hate the thought of jack f****** someone else. Jack knows how I feel and Fred knows that me and jack had a thing....Fred is cool with me and jack being mates but doesn't know how bad I still want him in all ways.....

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  • Sounds like you need to settle on one or the other pretty soon before things come to a head.

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