Love to chat guys who wear panties.

Mar 27, 2017

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  • I do have a panty fetish’s for 14 years now

  • I like to wear sexy girls panties. Love to sniff their dirty pairs. And I love to play with other guys while wearing panties.

  • I wear girls see-through g-string panties with lace

  • I'd like to meet anather boy guy he can see my panties outside in the woods take photos suck me of

  • Sound lovely where you from I'm in uk

  • Me to. Where you from

  • I'm aboy I wear panties all you boys and guys can see mine ilove showing themto boys I'll model panties for you'll like anather boy to take photos of me in my. Panties or guys

  • For a while (about a year) I was wearing panties 24/7.I wearing my sky blue nyon full briefs under somewhat baggy black nylon shorts and if I sat down the legs bands would show or even the crotch.
    However this day I wasn't thinking and visting a male friend and for some reason sat on the floor opposite him and low and behold exposeing my panties.

    i thought he was a straight guy, but was so turned on he wanted me to take off my tee shirt and shorts of him to view. Needless to say he had an immediate organism. So it obviously other guys get turned on by other guys wearing panties. He proceed asking questions why I liked to wear panties and offer me a few beers. Maybe I was lucky at the time, but goes to show not all guys are against other guys wearing panties

  • I wear them 24/7

  • Me too

  • I used to steal panties and wear them. I also love thigh highs and garter. As a kid i got caught by this hot lady and she used me. I secretly love panty drawers.

  • I would love to talk to a women about this

  • I love to wear panties, bras, and nighties.

  • Hiya I male who loves wearing panties or knickers. I be wearing panties now for we're I was 15 year old looking to make friends swaps photos on what's app or by text message

  • Hi how are u

  • Looking to chat with other men who also wear mainly about how to get comfort level on buying panties email

  • Wish I were in texas

  • Love to chat with others that would love to give me there opinions on how i look in my bra n panties ! Female or male

  • Im 47 married and love 2 wear panties n braws .wife wasent to happy bout it at first but now once in a while buyes me some panties and has gave me some of her used thongs n boyshorts even a couple bra,s. Would like to try to wear a cammie n leggins or a nice form fitting dress but she hasent gotton that far yet .

  • Love wearing bra and thigh highs , thong and heels

  • I’d love to see men in panties! Feel free to show me…..

  • Hi…email me

  • I want to be watched while I wear my wife’s panties and get off

  • I am a 55 y/o Self-professed Metrosexual man that wears only women’s panties and thongs now. As a young boy, I’d wear my stepmoms bra and panties. Later, I’d wear my wife’s. Like all men, I did the whitey tighties and boxers. I finally revolted and went full on commando. My wife wants my boys secured, so I agreed to man thongs. I quickly found I wasn’t satisfied with these. And, have gotten rid of all my man thongs keeping only my sheer Nude ones. All else is my women’s panties. I do wear them freely and openly in front of my wife. If she has figured out that they’re for women she hasn’t said anything. I am finally being the man I was always inside.

  • Add me if you want to share panties snap chat codyw8899

  • Hello

  • Send me panties pictures please I love men in panties km4pt247@gmail. com

  • Can we chat

  • Love to

  • Please send me your pictures

  • Love to send ya some

  • You can see mine im a boy ilove showing my panties

  • How old are you?

  • I am a male who likes to wear girls see-through g-string panties with lace. i am 22 years old.

  • What is your favorite color?

  • Pink

  • Hi there I love wearing silky nylon panties I also love thongs g strings. Mike

  • I too am fond of sheer see through.

  • Who's panties do you wear

  • My own.

  • I have to wait until wife goes to work and put my sexy pantys on. I get so hot and stay h**** with them agains my b**** and d***. Wish I had another senior male to join me

  • I would love that as well

  • I am in my 60s now and divorced and used to try some of her undies on when she was out hmm the feeling was lovely, never done anything like this with a guy but the subject makes me feel so h**** and love seeing guys or cds in sexy lingerie and pantyhose. Trevor

  • Where do you live

  • I am in England

  • I’m 79 I wear panties often,I live in Florida.

  • Where in fl I’m 70 and sounds like fun

  • Love to play with you in panties

  • That would be wonderful

  • I to wear wifes panties when she is away am a mature wm

  • I know what u mean love the naughty feeling of wearing something you are not supposed to wear

  • Hi there I love wearing silky nylon panties would u like to play

  • I buy my own I feel very aroused when I'm in the girls section looking at panties I'm sure the ladies that work there already know they're for me

  • I do that I love my panties

  • I buy own as well.

  • I love doing the same thing. I get so turned on.

  • As do I.

  • Love were pantys and bra. Have many styles and colors. Thrown away my mens underwear

  • No men's underwear for me. Just panties.

  • I have long since banned the man pouch. Only women’s panties for me.

  • Love to talk. See me in my panties.

  • Hello I would love to see you in panties

  • Who you referring to ?

  • post above

  • Oh very nice, yes lets chat about our wifes panties.

  • I am in

  • I wear a pair of my wife’s in front of her. She has no idea.

  • I love to chat with other guys about panties. Ac guy John at gmail.

  • Yeah I am looking to chat to other guys about panties. My favorite are full brief nylon panties and I get turned on with a guys in them.
    In fact I downloaded a guy in full briefs,it was so good I use it now as a desktop wallpaper.

    Anyhow contact me at

    Cheers John

  • Maybe, we can chat. I prefer thongs and panties with less coverage. Enough to keep me held and that’s all

  • I've recently convinced my wife about me wearing thongs, knickers etc. Thongs are the best to be honest, but she occasionally comments how weird it is that I wear womens underwear. I've explained numerous times about the comfort, feel and convenience and she brushes it off. I admit it's maybe 85% comfort and 15% fetish. She isn't put off by it much but she hasn't fully accepted it, although she has given some of her undies to me.

  • Let’s be honest. Like you said, it’s comfort, but also how they make us feel too.

  • Nice i lv a guy to weare my pantys

  • I will wear your panties

  • Hi there I would wear your panties

  • Recently divorced and love wearing panties and sexy nighties .i started wearing from a young age and guess was lucky growing up with 2 sisters . now i live alone i can wear when i want and love going to bed in a lil nightie and knickers

  • That must be so nice to wear when you want

  • It is. I live to chat about it with others, trade pics, videos, and mail them panties. Email ac guy John at Gmail.

  • Hi John I know what you mean it's nice that we can wear them panties when we want

  • I Love wearing sexy Nightie to bed also. Feel so nice.I never want to take them off

  • I am so jealous, I can only wear my lingerie when alone and we all know that in 2020 that is impossible. I am having lingerie withdrawal.💕🩲👙💋

  • Same here. But thankfully I'm alone alot! Lol

  • I feel the same way, wish I had someone to share w

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