Love to chat guys who wear panties.

Mar 27, 2017

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  • Hmmm i get so aroused hearing you guys talking about wearing panties, such a h**** subject and would love to see some pics,

  • I love to j*** and selfsuck while wearing sexy panties for h**** folks that love to watch me in vid chat

  • I love to wear panties and j*** and lick my c*** good in vid chat to women who love to watch me and guys who love to watch me and j*** and c**

  • I do enjoy wearing sexy lacy bikini panties 24/7 for 14 years now

  • I too enjoy wearing them very much so silk satin or my favorite

  • Love to chat with men who love to wear panties

  • That's what I was looking for was somebody to chat with that wears women's underwear like I do

  • I do enjoy wearing sexy lacy bikini panties from V S they are the best panties for the money

  • Hi what type of panties do you wear?

  • I tried several I like lace satin bikini I try to g-string and that really turned me on I guess it's different for everybody

  • I like to wear lacy g strings

  • Hmmm such a h**** subject

  • I love wearing panties!

  • I love to j*** my c*** wearing sexy panties while females watch me lick and suck my own.big c*** in vid chat

  • Can I watch too?

  • I like wearing women's dirty panties and eat them to

  • Sounds like alot of fun!

  • Most panty wearing guys are straight, we don't want to see you in your panties. I like women in their panties and me in my own.

  • I do enjoy wearing sexy lacy bikini panties from VS 24/7

  • I love wearing my mam's sexy panties

  • Lets

  • Well let's check then

  • What are you wearing I’m in my peach nylon bibliography panties

  • Yes let’s

  • Slipping into a new kind of panties is a unique thing...ohhhh, I love these!!

  • My wife and I enjoy going panty shopping together

  • Wearing panties is healthier for my d*** b**** and between my legs the thin wonderful nylon is cooler and puts nasty men's underwear to shame. Glad to have an average d*** and not a huge one...some panties fit so so good. I love p**** 100% straight...morning h****** in panties is so nice. Yes men can wear panties....hide it and enjoy.

  • When I wear them I just want to be slutty girl and suck or bend over for anyone or anything

  • Love wearing panties and sucking d***

  • You must be sick

  • I have my panties and stockings on now, feeling sexy

  • Mmm

  • Yum

  • In Lula area

  • I enjoy wearing lil girl panties

  • Well let me see you in them

  • Who’s panties do you like?

  • Wearing panties just makes me hard an I alws j*** off

  • I like to slip on sexy panties when I'm home alone. My c*** gets so hard! I slide them down around my thighs and j*******.

  • Always get a h****** when I putg them on

  • Love to wear lingerie and stockings makes me so hard and h****

  • Im all dressed up sexy right now

  • I love to wear sexy panties and selfsuck my big c*** while women watch me in vid chat

  • Any teen boys in London want to ask me to go in the woods with them and see my knickers take them of suck me I'd love it


  • You are sick

  • Good

  • I want a boy to suck me of I'd love it

  • Would like to try

  • Yeah that's what I said I would try it at least one time

  • What do you want to try

  • I'll show all boys and guys my panties all bi boys and don't mind showing gay guys aswell

  • Sure love to see

  • You can suck me a boy I want it

  • You can suck me of I'm a boy I want a boy to do it to me first time

  • I do enjoy wearing sexy panties panties from VS

  • I like pantys

  • Who’s panties do you wear?

  • Eney married men wear there wife’s underwear

  • Always worn hers

  • Who wears there wife’s underwear

  • My wife and I wear matching panties

  • Thats great goodfor you.

  • I waiered my wife's panty

  • I put on panties for girls and let them have there why with my b**** ass

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