Womens sexy underwear

I am a 48 year old male who loves women's underwear I wear panties suspenders and stocking most days under my trousets to work or when shopping.
The feel against my skin is so amazing I am liberated and free when I can enjoy my feelings.
It's so exciting for me I love it can't stop buying underwear im so into it.

Christine xx

Mar 28, 2017

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  • Mhmm just started licking my c um off my panties ..momspantysniffer

  • Came in my panties last night was so h**** then lucked them clean xx

  • Momspantysniffet

  • Lol x

  • I love wearing panties pantyhose bras slips garters used to sniff and lick my moms panties while wearing my sisters panties and wearing my moms I sniff lick. Wear my mother in laws panties

  • That's how I got the momspantysniffer love wearing sniffing licking

  • I love wearing my panties especially around my female family members with them not knowing xx

  • Years ago I just got done sniffing and licking a pair of my mothers panties as I walked into the living room My mother was sitting

  • Knowing what they taste and smell like while being with them talking to them their scent taste still on your lips

  • Wow same here..momspantysniffer

  • Im do the same i love it there smell drives me insane i got my motherlaws on now

  • Talking to mother in law while wearing her panties the scent of her slit and taste still on my lips from the crotch of her sexy panties ....momspantysniffet

  • Thats so erotic xx

  • Cool x

  • Lovely xx

  • Have on just my floral thong my god so sexy feels so good x

  • Sister came round yesterday I had my panties and suspenders under my jeans I felt so good and very naughty.
    Even checked out my own sister she's 50 im 48 yummy.

    C xx

  • It's very naughty mmm thinking about her put your c um to your mouth lick your finger like your sister would mmmm

  • You should put the crotch of her panties to you nose ..momspantysniffer

  • Used to be my sisters panties xx

  • Its the best feeling in the world being a woman ,but honest , the fence get higher, very addictive, since my break up, I'm female full time now . best move ever.

  • Tell more about how you are ready to suck

  • Yes I agree the bar gets higher I'm already looking at what I can do the clothes are great I feel fantastic. I want the feeling all the time I feel soooo sexy it's amazing.

    Christine xxx

  • Wearing lovely red black panties with suspender attached may have to change may get busted can see the Suspenders under my jeans daughter may catch me oooo xx

  • And a further 20 thongs mmmm
    Christine xx

  • Oh and a sexy black basque im soo excited xx

  • Just bought some nice new though gs as the one I had on yesterday was so sexy and comfortable xx

  • Think you need a spanking in them panties,naughty

  • Oh please do xx

  • Really xx

  • That would high ten my experiences im sure

    Thank you

    Christine xx

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