She's so f****** sexy

Okay so first thing first I'm a 17 year old girl and I've been crushing on one of my girl best friends and she is so f****** perfect I swear sometimes I want to f*** her in public. I have told her how I feel because she started noticing me distancing myself and I really have never told anyone I'm into girls but I told her that if I had the chance and she gave consent I'd f*** her right, she just laughed and hugged me and then said she had a bf now. It's been about almost 8 months since and I still can't not think about having her that way. So today in choir I was working on an art piece in my sketchbook and I got supper h**** all of the sudden so I go to on of the privet practice rooms (small room that's soundproof and only had 1 window) and because there was a window I only drew t*** and a females body because as much as I wanted to just touch myself I could get caught way to easily. About ten minuets into it she comes in and sits near me watching and she starts saying remember to draw this on the nipple and I was like and I was like well I don't have a modle so unless you whip out your t** I can't and she put her jacket off and moved her t** from the bra... her t*** where so amazing and the longer I stared the more I wanted to just suck on them but I knew I couldn't so I just laughed and said you got a nice pair there and she bit her lip and said thank you boo. And she started rubbing her nipple a little and then she put it back and zipped her jacket up and started laying down... I can't stop thinking about it at all like I either need to find some girl to f*** or f*** her it's so bad. Every weekend I'm at this one girls house letting my aggression out buy f****** her with my strap on wish it was my best friend... what should I do should I make a move? Someone please help!

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  • I am jealous of meghan markle marrying prince harry because she has already been married and its unfair for all the women who are single and never been married who are around her age or older who have not been married once. she is spoilt and selfish and how many times does she want to be the bride when harry becomes boring to her she will marry some young jock with more glamor when being royal has become boring and restricting and disappointing to her. I just am jealous that they don't love someone like me and also that the queen even tolerates the rudeness of meghan and the poking the tongue out like a child or miley ray hollywood, it is not a royal thing to do, she is going to be just the royal gester to everyone and the royals in the end. then she will marry some younger guy with more power when harry has none and is old and dull and she has no power as a royal and has worn out her welcome. how can the queen tolerate that behavor ? what is she thinking? is she stupid? she is not sexy and if she is - she will be too sexy for her own good with the royals in the end...f****** rich men everywhere.

  • Well for now you need to get a pair of her used panties from her hamper and sniff and lick the crotch where her panties went. Up inside her slit that's a start if she tasted and the scent of her slit drives you crazy

  • I like to be a woman all time my sister dress me as them for 23years and I when I was in any I was bless as a woman and power. Net Nam dress me as Thierry slave woman and been tie up and gag

  • You like suck c***

  • I say GO FOR IT! You know that you won't be satisfied until you get to f*ck her! So, go for her! GOOD FOR YOU!

  • Sounds like she is interested

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