L*** For Sister-In-Law

My sister-in-law is a hot, sexy, little brunette and I have fantasized about her since the day we met. I j*** off thinking about her all the time and I finally had to have some part of her. I started stealing some of her panties when I could and over the years have taken about 15 pairs. I j*** off with them and c** on them while fantasizing about her and the o****** are incredibly intense. I have taken so many of her panties that I think she actually knows I do it. In fact, I am almot positive. Just an impression I have. But she is still cool and flirty with me like she always has been. We will never come on to each other, but having her panties is hot for me. Maybe it is a little exciting for her too.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I have a secret infatuation over my SIL. She has actually asked me to use her shower in her bathroom before. I imagine that she might have a camera in there and play with myself while using it. Next time, I will have to go through her panties in the dirty laundry too. The secrets that we keep. lol

  • If I make a guy that h****, I think it's kind of cool that he would take my panties. Kinda sexy.

  • bumb her

  • I would notice if 15 pairs of my panties went missing. For that many, she probably has narrowed down the suspect pool and might very well think it's you. For whatever reason, she is willing to let it go. Maybe she just doesn't want to upset her husband, but if her attitude towards you hasn't changed, maybe it's kind of fun for her too. Who knows? If you read other listings on here, you will see some women view underwear thieves as creepy. But, depending on who it is, I might get a kick out of it. Just do not approach her for more! That could be real dumb. And could you maybe pay her for them? Underwear is expensive! LOL (the last part is a joke Einstein)

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