I'm a 17 year old female and I want to be raped....I know this is a bad thing but I just reallly want to be raped. The thought of being tied down and dominant it's so thrilling to me. And I know that consented non-consent is just s** but I don't want that, I want to be raped like real rape not fake rape...I'm a bad person for this and I don't give one f***. And if you think I'm going to h*** I'll meet you there b****. So yea this is my confession: I want to be raped.

Apr 6, 2017

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  • Thats f ucking hot! I have a teen boy who would love to rape you.

  • Verrrrrry hot

  • I was raped b4 3 times

  • I was raped b4 My s k y p e is annie price 123

  • I am pretty much the same way. As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be abducted and raped, or at least molested. It felt like most all my friends were dealing or claiming to have been either raped or molested. I was jealous. I used to wonder what was wrong with my looks that no guy went after me. When I learned about gang rapes my fantasy changed to multiple rapists.

    At 17 I was raped for real by, then, my boyfriend. He was older and a lot bigger and stronger than I am. I was p***** and hurt that he didn't respect my saying 'No.' I was also annoyed in some other way that I couldn't put my finger on it. It just seemed to be over too fast. This was the first guy to really talk about marriage to me. I didn't want to lose him but I didn't feel like I had a choice.

    I broke up with him because it seemed the right thing to do. Even before I was gone from his house I was wanting to take him back. I made him suffer a few months before I took him back. Less than a month later he raped me again. The second time the s** was WAY better! I was still p***** at him and broke up with him again. I didn't know what else to do. This second time the s** was a little TOO good. Even though I said "No" and fought him as best I could, the s** was overpowering. If s** ever got better than that I felt worried I could become a h***** or p*** star or s*** or something easily. I freaked out and moved away.

    I miss him and I crave being gang raped more than ever

  • Ha ha lets try

  • Rape me

  • It's a wonderful fantasy and it's happened to me twice and was very scary and very exciting too. It was the best s** I ever had and I hope it happens again.

  • Get a dog girly best kind of rape, just watch out for the knot

  • If you want it its not rape......

  • My gf confessed to me she had a similar fantasy. One evening I was at her house and we were home alone because her parents were out. I un locked one of the windows then I said I had to leave early because I had to be home because I was in trouble at home.

    I changed my clothes so I was wearing all black and put on a balaclava and came back and snuck in. I grabbed her. She put up a huge fight. It was really rough she fought all the way. She was screaming and fighting and kicking. I didn't want to hit her but I got rough too. Finally pinned her to the ground and managed to get my pants down and hers off too. I actually was limp at that stage but seeing her lying there defeated got me hard. F***** her. Got up and left. She had no idea it was me.

    When I got home my parents said my girlfriend had called. I called her she was in tears. I went over and consoled her. She was shaking. She'd spent like an hour in the shower. I was s*** scared. She wanted to go to the police. I said she just washed all the evidence away so we didn't go. I've never been game to admit it was me.

  • Cool. There exist many documented accounts of similar events reported by men and women in many locations. Assertive coitus and aggressive coitus is simply nature dictating a man's behavior. Women & society in general as well as lawmakers will imperatively arrive at that sociological, common sense conclusion in the future at some point. Fortunately, law enforcement & criminal justice are reaching that sensible conclusion at a faster pace.

  • This happened to my wife when she was 15. She was working part time in a skating rink for some old drunk. She told me they had the big wire spools you see on electrical trucks for tables and as she was cleaning up after closing her boss and two of his friends grabbed her held her down over one of those spools and each took a turn with her.Her boss told her if she told anyone he would make her and her family disappear, they each throw a hundred dollar bill on her and left her there to get dressed and leave. She never told a soul what he did and continued to work for him until she graduated high school which really shocked me.

  • Cool. Well look, it don't shock me at all. Your wife there just knows well enough to do as she is told. It's not a new concept ; rather, it's just one all gals need to follow.

  • I m a girl

  • Wtf

  • Get out of your mothers basement you fat f***, small dicked, lard a*** c***!

  • Pick a bad part of town and go there wearing skimpy clothes at night

  • Whether this is a an honest confession or not, you need help!

  • Well good luck, hope you get what you want.

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