I love wearing panties !

I love to wear panties and slips..feels so wonderful against my body and my groin area...almost always end up coming in my panties while wearing them, stroking myself thru the silky fabric ...often I will taste my pre come to tease myself, milking my c*** to produce droplets ! So good , sooo sexy feeling....I have sometimes licked and sucked the come out of the panties, while still caressing my softee thru the slip until I harden up again and have another o***** in the panties...Love it...my wife used to enjoy my fetish, but now refuses any intimacy..We have four grown boys, all out of the house and none of them know about my love of panties and lingerie....I have a drawer full in my dresser of panties and slips....I do my own laundry..I have " s**" with myself as described in my own bedroom, away from my wifes disapproval....I told her and shared my " secret before we even got serious, before we had any sexual contact...She was fine with it, seemed to enjoy and be turned on by my wearing panties and slips to bed for many years...she had multiple o****** as we made love with me " dressed" ..Se would rub me to full throbbing erection and then climb on and come hard...Or we would mutually m********* each other, thru the paties and slips etc...It was great...Sometimes I would pull out partially and come on her slit and then go down on her and lick out my come and her juices aswell and she would have a mind blowing o***** when I did so...She never wanted to do oral on me but I never minded that...I miss being with her..been about three years now....But I love coming in my panties and slips!

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  • I only wear knickers now

  • Me too I'm wearing my GF roommate satin pink panties and I'm so hard and h**** I like for someone to watch me play and c** in her panties

  • Love to watch you j*** off

  • Any particular brand or color of panties you prefer most?

  • I like doing the same thing...momspantysniffer

  • Hey do I like talk to you about this

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