Uncles huge c***

My mothers youngest brother is very nice and comes to the house on holidays. I think he's a little f***** up because my grandmother was taking so many meds at the time of his birth. He has a regular job and has a girlfriend but what i saw on this particular day shocked me. I walked in on him while he was jerking off in my downstairs bathroom and he had a p**** like a redbull can. I mean I wouldn't have been able to get my hand around this thing and it had this tree like vein running down the side of it pencil thick. I'm a senior in high school and have seen penises before but nothing like this. I was so turned on that I m********* now thinking of him.

Apr 8, 2017

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  • This reeks of troll. Mothers youngest brother is her uncle. Why didn't she just say that? This fake story was not thought out too well.

  • Damn, why wouldn't you try to f*** him? Take that massive c*** up your v*****.

  • You should let him know how much you want his big monster c***,firstly try masturbating it with both your tiny hands,spit on the big k*** End and keep going until he starts bucking under you then watch as he shoots,probably be a huge c**-shot with a naughty college girls hands on it, then open your mouth and take some of that c*** between your lips as it's still pumping that s****,you never know you may well like the taste, show him your little f**** and see if you can take a real c*** up it,rub that baby c lit up n down that thick veiny c*** shaft I know you will c** yourself in a few seconds

  • Are u gonna try to ride it

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