Young Women Come After Me and I Like It

At age 50, I am having some of the best s** ever. Been divorced almost 10 years. And while I do not have an answer for this, I also do not give a damn.

Been attracting and hooking up with women 20-30 years younger than I am. I love the attention. But I am starting to feel like a man-w****.

What I really want is one awesome woman who wants to go for the older guy/younger woman relationship thing.

The young women who come after me are generally the last kinds of women you'd think would go for an athletic outdoorsy healthy type. They are generally very petite and skinny. And a lot of times they are tattooed and all Goth.

Be great to actually have one as a wife. But so far, they are with weak ass potato chip looking dudes. Sot sure why none of them have gone for a real relationship wit me yet. Somehow a guy their age, regardless if they are satisfying them seems to be a draw of some sort.

Any thoughts or advice would be great.

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  • I know! Same here! I have myriads of young teens banging on my bedroom door...and sometimes....i let them out.

  • Dirty old man-wh0re. That's what you are.

  • I am soon to be 52. I have an 8/7 year old with a 31 year old lady and a soon to be 1 year old with a 30 year old. Many younger women fancy me too and I dont know why. enjoy

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