Go F*** Yourself UK

I am so sick of the f****** British sticking their noses in our business. Like Piers Morgan. Why are you always commenting on our s***? Go f*** yourself and move back to the UK. We kicked your a**** for our independence, then again in 1812. Then we had to bail your a**** out in WWII or you would have been speaking f****** German. Yet you have the b**** to come over here and tell us how to run our country. We didn't need your help in the 1700s and we sure as f*** don't need your help now. Go back to England and drink some f****** tea, you f****** "wankers".

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  • Neurotic bunch of drunks who cant handle real life.

  • You mean like everyone else in the world.

  • Hooray !! ,i f****** love this confession , I'm British and for a long while i have thought all Americans were senseless morons with no brain cells and a collective sheeplike mentality that to be honest , kind of scared me , but Finally an American who can think for himself and has an opinion ,although i disagree with the context , i applaud the individual for thinking for himself & has not coat tailed the multitude of fake British loving yanks that only manages to both annoy and amuse us in equal quantities.
    Thank you sir or madam for restoring my faith in what may be a tiny fraction of the US of A , a nation of numb-nuts who somehow manages to alter perfectly understandable words , phrases and pronunciations into complete and utter s**** and dumbfuckery , Thank you , For I now know there is at least one thinking person with a mind and a voice in that vast expanse of "Yee Hars & Whoop Whoops that spill so easily from the the Empty Headed inbred fuckwits that are most probably named either Buck ,Billy Bob, chuck or Hank , which most apptly rhymes with W***

  • Don't lump us all in with those f****** retarded Liberals. Just because they think the world is all snails and puppy dog tails doesn't mean the rest of us do. Liberals think you can solve the world problems with love. WITH LOVE??? Are you f****** serious right now. All you liberal fuckwits need to leave too.

  • I agree. Stay in the EU. Leave the EU. It doesn't matter, and nobody cares. Just stop talking about it! You're on our last nerve, you s******-licking Brexit-s******* mother-f******! If you live in the U.S., go home. If you're already in the U.K., shut the f*** up!!!

  • Look at that f****** t a r d you just elected as your president. You obviously need help. You yanks are all brain dead racists. Now shut up and carry on shooting each other.

  • At least we didn't vote in the enemy as mayor and then stick your cracker ass head in the sand while he sells your a**** down the river. At least Trump is willing to take care of business. Unlike your dumb a****.

  • You have a bad attitude to us Brits please do not stereotype us as all being the same. We don't all have the same opinion as P*** Morgan. Spelling mistake intended.

  • Lol don't forget the USA was a British colony and settlers of Scottish, British and Irish decent inhabited America first! The USA didn't evolve itself! And yes I'm an America, but one who isn't ignorant!

  • Well you're not real intelligent either. Otherwise you would know that although America was a British colony, they were also world's apart and thought totally different than the British Crown. Hence the reason why they declared their independence. Today they are decedent's of many countries, not just the UK. And I believe that is what the OP is trying to say. Although it has been over 200 years, they are still world's apart from the British.

  • Both the british and the americans are responsible for much of the turmoil in the world i wouldnt feel a thing if both countries were wiped out


  • F*** you right back you fat ugly t***

  • Keep dreaming m***********!

  • Most likely the economics wont stay in your favour forever either......

  • Yeah yeah wtf u think happens one of these other countries gets a bit of a jump in technology youll be knocked right the f*** off your throne AI, bio weapons, robotics

  • You don't get it done you. If we go down, you ALL go down with us. That's just the American way.

  • IQ of 60^ that also seems to be the american way too. ignorant, arrogant, lazy, fat f****** waste of life you are.

  • You forgot a 1 before that 60 s*** for brains.

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah hah

  • What's the matter? You have a d*** in your ass?

  • Your girl does and its not yours lololol you miserable p****

  • Yeah, that was the other night when you and her were out whoring around while I was at your mommas house f****** the s*** out of her.

  • I work with a bunch of Brits. Every year on the 4th of July they get all p***** off because we take the day off and celebrate. I laugh at them and then invite them to my cook out :D They never show up lol

  • I know right! Them and their f****** "proper english"

  • Lol straight up!

  • Yeh I know how you feel uk people and english snobs think they can walk over the rest of us and they are s***. so I can't believe this dude is a honest inlove man. no matter what his game is he is a cheat. he cheated on his mrs. he has not been banging on my door every night to prove undying love as he must to win me.

  • Come on over lets get this riot police event started.

  • Riot Police event? How PC of you!

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