I'm a 48 year old woman and kicked a young boy in the b****.

I'm a middle aged woman. I was wearing my gym clothes (tight, revealing, you know) and a boy, prepubescent, skinny, shaggy hair started taking pictures of me. I kept walking, but he kept following. I asked him multiple times to stop following me and taking pictures. Eventually, I treated the boy like a man and kicked him square in the b****. He immediately dropped to the floor squirming and crying holding his nuts. I deleted all the pictures of me and took one of him curled up on the floor squirming and crying and put his camera back down lol. Lots of people saw. Pretty much everyone laughed. I thought it was hysterical and made me feel good. Wish I still had the picture of that kid rolling around clutching his sack crying.



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  • Every time I p*** in the toilet and don't flush my brother goes to fish out my big sloppy wet poops and eats them. I had to stop him!!! So one day I started flushing the chain.

  • My mother one time got me in a headlock made me give up I was 15 she was 35 kicked my ass she took a picture Of her standing on my chest with her boot kept the picture in her wallet used to threaten to show it to people

  • I came across a teen boy like that too he was stalking me and do you he was even allowed move in at number 30 with a harry-rant mad hair like that and he was stalking me taking photos of me in my yard watering the garden in a dress or top and shorts without a bra on underwear underneath after surgery and he would sit on cars and i was shocked police didn't control this nutcase child who should be just out and out executed. yeh it sounds harsh to say that but some defiant disorder mongrel kids are no good to society and should be just killed. no cleanliness messy looking and downright creepy and they don't even know their parents by name or to look at because they are so bad , some kids today are intrinsically bad kids nothing will save them. good on you as much as I don't like violence but the disrespect today of kids and teens is out of hand.

  • You must have a lot of anger inside of you . have you ever got help for that? I couldn't imagine being that violent and aggressive, you need to learn to control your anger but then again maybe the kid deserved it. I don't know what to think here, what is the world coming to?

  • Wow and just think he could have been a model photographer to put you on sports illustrated or something ! or you could have chosen to be kind and make a friend and find him a s*** with a younger chick. lol

  • It sounds like your getting really frustrated and stuck in a rut over this.

  • Well, I understand your fear and anger however next time you should call the police to charge him or go to a security person or official person who can call an official or security or police for you. that way you can't be charged for assault because bystanders may have taken photos or it could be on camera. we all get angry and do unthinking things in anger when we are acting on response only. it doesn't justify you kicking him as much as that is an awful fearful thing to have someone follow you and take photos of you and you even asked them to stop. its always best to get a police or security person to help you and yeah i guess not all will be good cops or security if they allowed it to continue you could get names of all the bystanders and get them to defend you next time rather then getting violent yourself. I think the boy is wrong for doing that but you need to stop wearing clothing that advertises s** and showoff flaunting and show some respect for yourself. like don't wear crop bras in public and try wearing a oversized t shirt over everything so when at the gym you can take that off, I leave my oversized t shirts on in the gym anyway because its not a fashion show. stop selling s** and men will leave you alone!

  • Bogus tale from the word go. Some of us can see right through this rhetoric.
    Keep in mind that this website is a screaming outlet for many fascinated, exasperated & aspirational females as well as many that pose as such. Hence, this site very seldom has any credibility.

  • How do you all know the kid was taking pictures for sexual material? Maybe the kid just wants to be a photographer and he takes pictures of everyone. Maybe he's gay, would it still be sexual then? Even if this kid was being a little perv. It doesn't give her the right to physically harm him. He didn't physical harm her!
    You all assume he is a perv and praise this b**** for physically assaulting a minor, but you would be p***** and wanting to kick her ass if it was YOUR child.

  • If the kids parents fle assault charges you will be fined and worse they can sue you. You better be hunting for a lawyer.

  • She could sue for sexual harassment

  • It's all funny until they file charges against you. Hopefully you get prison time out of it where some male guards rape you everyday. Won't be so funny then. Lol

  • Indeed. Look, unless the girl is being physically attacked, ANY broad that kicks ANY man in the groin deserves to be raped regularly.

  • This is a spastic comment. you are spastic. do people tell you are spastic a lot? you have no real argument, what does rape have to do with someone telling a kid to stop photographing. if a girl did this to a guy i bet he would attack her and do the same thing and want to put her in jail, just because its a boy doesn't mean that its different. men today are so p**** woossy suck ass f***** bitchy sour sookies they would cry poo b***** me and have a girly in court rather then in bed. lets face it men are just as sexually harrased and they don't know real pain like a women do with period every month and giving birth. men are such cowards and weak a****. they would kick a girls ass to jail for the same thing. taking photos is wrong if the person askes you to stop taking them you should stop. do men get raped in jail too? I bet they do. still I would love to see a man forced to suffer a period pain every month and also the pain of childbirth to teach them a lesson about life and real pain. men are all bastards we know this to be true.

  • I despise men and boys. I think it's hilarious she kicked a little boy in the nuts and laughed at him crying grabbing his b****.

  • Does your lesbian lover know you are off your meds?

  • First of all this is most likely fake, secondly even if true, the perv deserved it

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