Social media is bullshit

Fuck Facebook. Yeah, you read that right. Get off your damn phone and talk to someone in the real world. Social media is fake and will make you unhappy.



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  • Fuck yeah!!

  • Suck a d*** op!

  • Social media is Trash, you basically give up your 1st amendment rights because no matter what you say ya end up p***** someone off its BULLSHIT im staying away n KEEPING my freedom of speech, n this site is BULLSHIT too its watched over by the gov theres no such thing as privacy anymore what a disgrace.. #QuestionEverything -Rebel

  • Social media is simply a new form of communication. You say its fake, well do you think all people talk THE TRUTH when they are speaking among each others?? right I think you already know the answer to that question.... now imagine thousands of years ago when verbal communication started developing somebody like YOU saying "that talking thing its so fake, people just talk fake things" you are just seeing whatever you want to see, maybe social media shows YOU something that you already hate about yourself. Nobody has to change, YOU have to work on YOUR OWN issues before judging the world. Peace

  • That's what I keep saying.... The world hasn't changed. The way we view it has.

  • True

  • I think that is why everyone is getting off it because now there is FAT F book, fbook, meet n f book, do granny f book, do dog book etc and twitter is so limited writing its rubbish and i never did snapchat etc people seem to be going back to myspace and other new social media. too many fake ids on facebook and sales people and money scammers as well. but it must rock when it breaks up some young h**** marriages and I sort of laugh and think "well they got theirs up the butt for sure as they should hard" its the old way of divorcing now, to friend everyone and show them all your new s** partner and leave your love wifey suckers hanging at the last moment then they find out their been done over and everyone knows their dirty laundary and they all like the new (young or old) witchy w**** s*** better then the wifey.

  • Fuck yeah, why dont you go church and confess.. dork

  • Someone sounds like a bitter betty. I don't use FB or any of the other major sites for that matter, but I don't see the point of spewing hate at them either.

  • Tell me about it.

  • Maybe you should look up the meaning of hypocrisy. Most people have no idea what a hypocrite is, but your post is a prime example.

  • Maybe they're trying to be ironic.

  • Irony, hypocrisy, either way!

  • Not the same thing. But either way, this isn't "social media".

  • I know they're not the same thing, but they both apply to the OP. One in how they are saying it and the other in where they are saying it.

  • I agree

  • So why are you on here then may I ask?

  • To check how much unhappy he/she can be.

  • Like yourself? That's explains everything!

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