In the Living Room i got a b****

My step dad sat next to me and startes tickling me, im nkt the strongest boy..
The tickling became unbearable and he would stop as if he enjoyed seeing me squirm. And he kisses on my cheeks then kissed on my ear and bit on my ear
It felt weird bc hia hands were on my thighs too. My dad is quite fit..and im sure he knows im gay..i kind of liked it..even though its probably something like a fatherly think to do likw qhwn moms kiss you or something but god..i got so turned on when he started squeezing my thigh. Heh, my parents are getting a divorce so..i mean..he could be taking a doeant matter..i just, i liked it..okay..ans i got a b**** loll ,,i covered it and he went away yea thats all

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