Sniffing my cousins panties

My cousin kaylie with big blue eyes and a cute little face is sitting on the couch watching to catch a predator. As i look at the screen, i see the police pop out screaming 'sheriffs office! On the ground now!' the predator crys back at the top of his lungs, 'i dont wanna go to jail, please please!' the police slam him down to the ground as the man continues to scream. Kaylie, sitting on the couch watching the whole thing go down says, 'daang that sucks he has to go to jail for a long time. That stinks so bad for him. Then she smiles and lets out a lite squeaky fart and says, 'oh well at least it doesnt stink as bad as my fart' as she giggled. Hour went by and the show ended as i notice her walk to the shower. After she was done showering, i rushed in the bathroom and saw a little pair of light green panties. They were a little bit moist still with a small yellow stain in them. They smelled like absolute heaven a little bit sweet and tangy with a faint musk. Right away my stick got very rock hard and started twitching. 2 minutes of stroking and my load shot all the way on the bathroom mirror splattering everywhere. This is the hardest ive ever been as a 23 year old man!yy

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  • That's so sick man....ur a sick person

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