Sniffing my stepdaughters panties

My step daughter is almost 13 with big hazel eyes and a nice little body. She looks just like a young miranda crosgrove The other day, she was on the couch watching to catch a predator. Her eyes were glued to the screen with interest. About a half hour into the show, a predator is walking out of the house as as he refuse to get on the ground crying out, 'please i dont wanna go to jail'. the police run towards him and shock him with a taser. He is screaming and crying at the top of his lungs 'ohh god it hurts help me please!' stepdaughter looks at my wife with laughter and says, 'he screams like a girl' as she continued to watch, she said, 'aww now he has to go to go to jail for like 20 years. That stinks sooo bad for him'. then she lets out a little fart and says, 'oh well at least it doesnt stink as much as my fart,' as she giggles. Fastforward a few hours, i noticed the shower was on and there i see her exit the bathroom. I walked in right away and noticed her little baby blue panties and skinny jeans on the on the floor almost like they were still in one piece with the panties sitting perfectly in the tight little jeans. This is rare because she usually picks up her dirty clothes and brings them to her room. They were moist and the smell rose up to my nose without even touching them to my nose. They were sweet, tangy and musky and right away i got rockhard. I stroked just a few times and shot a load all the way across the bathroom within 4 minutes. This was the strongest i have aver came in my life. Right as i was trying to calm down my stiffy and pull my pants up, i hear a knock at the door. It was her saying, 'hey mom i left my stuff in here' and sure enough i replied its not mom madi il be out in a second. As she responds, 'k'. Wow that was a close one.

Apr 18, 2017

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  • My step daughter is 14 and a bedwetter and the wife puts cloth diapers and plastic panties on her at bedtime every night.Her plastic panties smell of babypowder and i like sniffing them when the wife and daughter are not around!

  • Get her drunk and f*** her

  • I bet it was amazing, a sexy preteen juice panties, I would have cummed like ten times straight

  • Love sniffing licking panties...momspantysniffer

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