Raped by a woman

I was raped by a woman when I was a teenager (I'm a guy by the way). When I was 16 I was seduced by an older girl (she was 20). I had extremely low self esteem, extremely h****, and just plain naïve. Well, this girl was 20 and held back in high school. She convinced me to go over to her place (she shared with her bf in a very strange open-relationship situation) to watch a movie and hang out. Well, one thing led to another and she took me to her room where we made out an all. Clothes came off and she jumped on top of me. I kept telling her I'll do many things but I didn't want to f***. At the time I was scared to death of STDS so I wanted no part of being inside her. She didn't seem to care about my wishes and kept pressuring me and then just slid me inside her. I felt at the time I couldn't just push her off because guys aren't supposed to say no to s**. I felt pretty awful about it later but didn't say anything to anyone about it. To make matters worse, months later she accused me of raping her. I kid you not. That f***** me up for years afterwards. I didn't have a normal relationship with a women for another decade. This is the first I've mentioned this to anyone.

Apr 19, 2017

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  • Awww shucks! you were 16 and she was 20? i dont even consider that older. H*** i was having s** with senior girls in high school when i was in the 5th grade. when i was 16 i got with and f***** a 60 year old woman who looked to be about 30, but i really ddint consider her that much older att he time. AND you say she raped you? yeah right, you were probably just some nerdy guy that had never even kissed a girl before and she probably lost some kind of bet so she had to introduce you to the wiles of a woman. that wasnt rape, that was pity!

  • Poor you. Did you report it?

  • Thats not rape. You just regret your decision.

  • Men can be raped. We get h******'s if the wind so much as blows. I'm sorry that it happened to you mate, and I hope that you are having good relationships now.

  • How can it be rape, you were naked with a h****** and f***** her. You wanted it so stop winging

  • Live the regret ..... mate you will kill your self.
    or you can live the memory of making out with a kind girl.
    It's the way you remember it that matters. Right now your having a pity party with only one guest.

  • I'm not saying guys can't be raped, but come on. You were a h**** (your words) 16 year old who made out with her and then took your clothes off. What did you think was going to happen? And I'm sorry, but most 16 year old boys would f*** anything with a v*****. Their hormones are in super overdrive at that age. So forgive me if I find it hard to believe that you didn't want to have s** with that women.

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