I want to have gay s** with my best friend

Hey. I've been mates with my best friend for over five years now and I've had feelings for him for most of that time. He's really hot and I think he might be bi like myself but I don't know how to try to express my feelings of wanting to have s** with him. I thought about letting him 'catch' me wanking over him at his house or should I just outright kiss him and see what happens. Thanks



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  • Don't listen to any of these losers telling you negitive, instead listen to Yourself, think thoroughly about the consequences and risk of your friendship if he is not intrested once you confess. But also evaluate your thoughts and feelings, is it just a desire? Or do you really love him?. There will be different decisions for these two questions, but in the end all it comes down to or matters is about you and your friend. You and his friendship. You and his happiness. :))))

  • You suck and I hate this. It's just too sad

  • Put a dirty dvd on and boys will be boys

  • Grab his dingaling and tell him you're thirsty

  • Kill yourself

  • Just kiss

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