I used to j*** off to my female friends photos

It was about 2 months ago and I have to get this off my chest, I used to j*** off to my female friends pictures, I kind of liked her but not really. My friends and I always joked about it and stuff. I didn't express freely that I did those things but only one of my friends knew, his name was jack. Jack was my best friend for YEARS and that one day everything went wrong. She randomly out of the blue just said "you have to delete the pictures i sent you". (they weren't nude but slightly aimed for sexiness) I was like what the f*** because she literally sent them out to everyone that I know. Of course at the time I refused but eventually I deleted them after this huge argument, after that she called my friends and I perverts (Feeling like I deserved it.) then she later blocked me on everything and I'm sad because we were actually really good friends and played video games together all the time (Online.)

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  • Ha! I’m 48 and still j****** to two of my wife’s close friends.
    Both who could have been models.
    Both who look so innocent and both who have been rumored to have cheated on their hubbies. This just turns me on knowing deep down inside they are s**** who can’t hold back their urges. Turns me on knowing their husbands are kissing their gorgeous lips and eating out their pretty p****** not knowing other c**** have been inside of them

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