Stomach Growling Fetish

Okay, so I'm a teenage girl and I have this strange fetish for stomachs growling and rumbling and gurgling and I don't know why. I look up stomachs growling on YouTube and Google Images, usually from the stomach of a female or anime. And when the growling and rumbling starts I get turned on, and when the person starts rubbing the growling belly and sloshing it as it rumbles and gurgles I get even more turned on and feel the urgent need to hump something, and it ends with me humping the bed or putting something on the bed and humping it as I watch and listen to the rumbling belly. I just secretly want to rest my ear on someone's growling, rumbling, gurgling, sloshing stomach as I rub and slosh it around, and have someone rest their ear on mine and rub and slosh around my stomach. And I have no idea why. And when someone bring up stomachs in real life, I get extremely uncomfortable and try to change the subject as quickly as possible, which makes it all the more stranger. I can't be the only one, right?

Apr 28, 2017

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  • Same lol

  • I'm a 24 year old guy I've always wanted to hear a girls belly when active any girls in brenham with this fetish I have discord and Facebook

  • Fvirtualfiesta es mí snapchat soy hombre , me gustan los ruidos de barriga de chicas

  • Alguien habla español y tiene este fetiche?

  • Yo amo me encanta este fetiche

  • Dude sameeee, i relate.

  • I got this when i was only 6 years old btw

  • Add my snap christiancole97

  • Any females with this fetish? I'm a 16 year old boy n I had it since I was 10.

    My snap is Sam_SXG

  • Follow my insta to share stomach noises. brad_rad34

  • I meant snap sorry!

  • Same here!
    My insta is malebellyloverx2
    I only talk to guys though btw

  • Me too!! I've had this since I was maybe 12.
    F/20 Michigan

  • Just a heads up to anyone who added or wants to add her. She is extremely dry and cannot keep a conversation up.

  • Hey I’m Joey and I am 18 from Florida my snap:ApothiconKeeper if you wanna talk about belly stuff shoot me a message

  • Hi im jake i have the same fetish it started after my friend alexis invited me to her house in first grade and several other girls and she asked me to listen to her stomach growls and the other girls joined in ever since ive been intrested in girl stomach growling alexis was really hungry that day if any girls are intrested in online chats with me about that heres my gmail

  • I am exactly the same. EXACTLY. I thought I was the only one like this!

  • Any female living in Montreal Canada with this fetish :((

  • Hey... me👀👉👈

  • Would you like to chat? Got any way to talk?

  • Tom_ummy instagram

  • Bruuuuh I actually didn't know others had this thank god

  • My Instagram @sam.kal8

    Any females with the same fetish.

  • My insta is sarahhall5618 :)

  • My snap is ricardo.snches5

  • Snap: jacob_mephisto
    Willing to share videos with both girls and guys but preferably girls

  • I have the same fetish with the female abdomen

  • My Instagram is sarahhall5618

  • My snap: fvirtualfiesta

  • My snap: bartek_miszkiel

  • Sc: christiancole97

  • Finally someone I can relate to

  • My snap is Japtheknees. Im a 17 year old dude. I prefer stomach growls from girls.

  • I have a stomach/growling fetish. I enjoy listening to a female stomach growl out of hunger pangs and i like digestion as well plus it could help a female or females not to be ashamed of their stomach! I'm a 25 year old guy and i enjoy listening to female stomachs! If you would like to messege me on instagram it's lusus_naturae22

  • Ok! I'm sarahhall5618

  • I’m a girl, follow my Instagram @bellygurgle_lover or email
    I’m about to be 18

  • Feel free to dm me @sarahhall5618

  • You ARE not the only one. I have a rumbling stomach fetish, too.

  • I'm sarahhall5618 on insta

  • I feel you. I got this when I was 4.

  • Me too

  • My snap is hungry.girl159

  • StomachNoises is my YouTube channel. You'll probably love my videos 😅😋

  • Insta is will___51z if anyone wants to talk. I have 0 followers since I’m using the account to make friends with people with the same fetish

  • My sc is sc is jcarey9194 I love tummy rumbles especially when there from I cute chubby belly

  • Hey my snap is giogio_bizarre and I’d like to talk

  • Hey my snap is giogio_bizarre I’d like to talk with you

  • Oh i have the same fetish! i love it when girl stomachs growl out of hunger!!! that really gets me going. if theres anyone who want to add me in snapchat, i could send my stomach growling vids too.
    my snap is mikeemannnn
    im 23/m

  • Hey, if you're reading this and you've got a hungry stomach growling fetish, especially for thin girls, we've got a new community for people like us. We've got a subreddit page at where you can talk to other people with the fetish, share videos/images/stories etc. so if that's something you'd be into, check it out!

  • I’m 18 years old and my snap is GioGio_Bizarre. I’ll talk to anyone, but I’d prefer girls.

  • My sc's christiancole97 if any girls want to talk, im 19

  • My Instagram is bellygurgle_lover I’m a little popular on there. I do believe gurgling and pregnancy rp. Belly gurgling is a huge turn on for me however I don’t send pictures or videos in dms unless I do competitions but you can come follow

  • I'm sarahhall5618 on Instagram :)

  • Sc is i_lovecookies7 if anyone wants to chat

  • Any girl wanna chat about stomach growls ? My instagram is kevin steve

  • Me! I'm sarahhall5618 ok?

  • Hey my instagram is fenixdestruidora4 and no kevin steve

  • If any guys wanna send me recordings of their stomachs making noises my email is

  • Follow my snap at dancenai I get so aroused by belly growling

  • Follow my insta phil_d__ if u wanna chat lol

  • I’m 18 year old female and i’m so glad i found this page. i’ve never talked to anyone about this before, i still feel embarrassed about it. since i was about twelve i would watch stomach growling videos or just belly videos in general (preferably female, though i’m straight). if anyone wants to talk i have an old instagram account that i never use anymore but i’d be happy to talk about it on there (: @ccat_thoughts__

  • I messaged you awhile back

  • Anyone want my insta? I’m down to talk to anyone about bellies. Put them down if you wanna talk.

  • Phil_d__

  • 19 year old guy here looking to talk with another guy about this?

  • Good luck finding another guy that would love to do this with you and your belly sir who was 19 years old 2.3 years ago.😊🤗☺️👍

  • I have an instagram if any women would like to contact me, name's dan_belly, Im 18yr old and im male.

  • Dm me please I'm sarahhall5618

  • I need a chubby girlfriend to listen to her sexy round tummy rumble

  • I'm her! Insta is sarahhall5618

  • Yo. I've had this fetish my whole life. I really hope to talk to others who have it, in a non-sexual platonic way. I know I'm not alone in that I have never told anyone about this and feel ashamed every now and then. It'd be cool to talk to someone about this for the first time. If you wanna talk, message Jeicemoto on DeviantArt.

    If by chance you are a young woman with this fetish, I am a 19 yr old male and you can also msg me for more erotic conversations. It's not my primary goal tho :)

  • Dm this account sarahhall5618 that's me!

  • I need a womanz to share this with. 23 male

  • Omg same when I listen to a stomach gurgling or growling I feel urgent to jump something, usually the armrest of a chair or I fold a pillow and hump it. I thought I was the only one. Also when my stomach bubbles and growls I put my hand on my belly to feel the growls rumbl underneath my hand. Btw I’m 14 and lesbian.

  • My snap is dancenai I’m not a lesbian but I’d have no problem talking to you I’m 17 btw. Not gonna lie I jump things listening to belly gurgles

  • Omg I’m a girl too and I do the exact same thing you got Instagram or Snapchat

  • U got snap?

  • I’m a guy and I’m 15 chubby girls talk on sc I love belly growls

  • I'm a 16 year old male in Toronto Ontario if any girl has the same turn on, we could talk on snapchat, just don't be creepy about it

  • What’s your snapchat

  • Any girls over 18 with Snapchat on here?

  • Email me at: I'm a 20 year old female with the same fetish. I'm looking for people to chat with about it who aren't creepy.

  • Email me at: I'm a 20 year old female with the same fetish. I'm looking for people to chat with about it who sent creepy.

  • Hey I’m a girl follow my instagram at bellygurgle_lover

  • I have the exact same thing and it’s been driving me crazy my entire life. I was around 15 when I remembered how it turned me on as a child and I started exploring youtube. I’m 18 now and since then, I’ve harmed myself and thought about killing myself because there was no name to what I was feeling and I thought of myself as disgusting. I still deal with that shame a lot, but I got the courage to tell my boyfriend about it and it’s the best desicion I’ve ever made. He actually told me about a fetish he’d been embarrassed about and he’s been so great and supportive to me. He actually took initiative and rubs my tummy when we cuddle and really wanted me to let him in. I’m so glad I did. I also started to take part in his fetish, and we ended up having a lot more fun together. So don’t be scared to tell your partner because if they make you feel ashamed about it, they don’t deserve you.

  • Follow my ig at bellygurgle_lover I’m a girl

  • If you ever find someone to be intimate with and is very open and understanding and loves you, I highly recommend telling them about it even if you’re scared because omfg the feeling of sharing that with someone you’re attracted to and love is unbeatable. Like my SO lets me lay on and listen to their stomach growling and lets me rub their stomach and play with their belly button and it’s AMAZING.

  • Same here you aren’t the only one who has a stomach growling fetish

  • I’m 14 give me your sc and we’ll chat and send belly rumble vids (chubby girls)

  • My sc is slothfairies, i’m kinda chubby

  • Hey teen girl if you wanna talk about this. I play with follow my Snapchat at dancenai or my instagram at dancenailah

  • Does anyone have any stories, I would love to hear on how someone got lucky?

  • I do if you go to my confession story it’s titled stomach growling turn on

  • I have the same fetish as you. And i struggle hard with this physical. I would get really really shy if someone asked me why i have this fetish. No one knows about it.. Yeah now you'll know this. But i would hate to say it in the public or face to face. I really do. I sometimes get depressed(with suicidal thoughts and negative thoughts included). In some of my nightmares i told everyone about my fetish and they would just laugh at me and say i was useless. And it's always embarrassing when i gets turned on in the puplic and i really want to cry because of this but i can't. 😭 And now to the reason why i love this: Well since i was a kid i loved the noises and i still do. It has something so special and so wonderful by its nature. What more can i say? I would personally describe my stomach growl fetish fantasies as surreal and psychedelic. It's not on real humans. It's mostly cartoon characters(both humans, things, plants and much more which i think it's very weird. Please don't ask why but i always have surreal dreams). I don't know if i ever would be able listen to other people's stomachs. But i won't expect anything. Cause i hate to ask someone if i could listen to their stomachs. I would be more comfortable when someone asked me if i could listen to their stomachs. If i asked them face to face if i could listen to their stomachs i would get frightened if they laugh at me, ask me stupid questions,bully me or get embarrassed. I hate when someone gets embarrassed. It makes me scared and i would think i'm guilty about this. I'm not a person who normally talk about my fetish. And i know this is very negative. But i feel it was worth it to say it to someone who have this fetish too. P.S:

  • My womb and genitals hurts and tickling when i'm getting turned on. So somtimes i get some sleep problems because of that.

  • Ok i were kind of depressed when i wrote this. But it's not because i hate it. I love it. But i just need to be accepted. That's it. I both love when it's a hungry or a full stomach. I wrote this on an another confession page. But i were in the bad mood and that's what happens. I'm glad that i have this fetish.

  • I’m a girl and 15 I get the urge to play with myself while listening to belly growling videos anyone with Snapchat or instagram wanna talk

  • Whats your snap or ig? or both

  • Message me I'm sarahhall5618

  • Definitely! what's you ig?

  • Sc is i_lovecookies7 would love to talk :)

  • Add my Snapchat mrkeeta id love to talk

  • Yeah, mine is mikeemannnn

  • Any chubby girls who have this fetish I am 14 and male give me your snapchat

  • Twitter @fiestavirtual4 im male

  • I hope I will one day get to find someone with this fetish and listen to their belly. I don't know what to do if I can't share this with someone...

  • I remember when my girlfriend and I were lying in bed together and her stomach was roaring in hunger and she let me play with her stomach. She loves it when I play with her belly button or when I listen to her stomach. Luckily we have the same fetish so we’ll play with each other’s bellies or listen to them. Anybody want to talk about this fetish?

  • I'm down! I'm sarahhall5618 on Instagram

  • This speaks to me on so many different levels. I so get the embarrassment and discomfort when people bring up stomachs in real life too. That was a lot worse for me when I was a little kid though. Now that I'm grown and have had boyfriends, telling them about it in secret and acting on this strange fetish with them is actually incredible. When I'm laying on my guy friend's stomach and it starts going crazy and he says something about it. Mmf

  • I'm a guy and I love belly rumbles they turn me on if anyone what's to listen to my belly I'll listen to there's and chat (chubby girls )

  • I've got snapchat im a girl I do the same thing we can be friends

  • Please I would love to listen to your belly

  • Ok I'm me and u can! On Instagram I'm sarahhall5618

  • I don't like to talk about it with anyone else because I know it's inappropriate but I secretly would like to talk about it with others here, as I too admit that I have this fetish. It's on my mind a lot.

  • It's aaaalways on my mind too 😣

  • It's ok I know how you feel

  • Hey follow me at dancenai on Snapchat I'm a teen girl to with this fetish

  • I'm a boy and I feel the S]same. I get turned on by girls' stomachs rumbling.

  • If you have insta please dm me @sarahhall5618

  • I think that's cute I'm a girl

  • I get turned on to if I hear a belly

  • Don't be I'm a girl I think it's cute I have this fetish also

  • What is your sc ?

  • *same. I don't know why it came out like that.

  • Omg where like the same person do you Snapchat if we live close we can be friends. You can come to my house and listen to each other belly growls

  • Where are you from and whats your snapchat?

  • I'm a 32 year old guy and am exactly the same

  • Same exact thing here. Do you have snapchat or something?

  • I don't have this exact fetish, but I do have one for emet stuff (and people being sick in general) so I wanted to point out that it's normal for you to get uncomfortable whenever people bring up stomachs in real life. Because I do, too (ESPECIALLY if it's a family member who brings it up).

  • You aren't the only one, I felt like that until I read this. You want to talk?

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