Im 18 yr old m i have never had s** yet but just recently tried masturbating but in the middle of it my mother walked in i quikly put it away but she said its perfectly normal and she sat down beside me and my p**** stickin out from the blankets and looked at me and do u want sum help i didnt say anything she started massagin it i felt kinda werid and didnt want to enjoy it but then she pulled my blankets off at started pumpin it real fast i told her that i was gonna pee any minite she made me cumm real gd

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  • I.watched mom and dad doing things.putting her on the bed with legs pulled wide open he. Got a big d**** and he would start with the head and keep pumping in and out of her p**** and he puts it all way IN her and then pulling out and driving in her like a c*** and yanking out and ramming into her p**** hard and deep as he could get's belly life's. UP ever time he rammed down into her.moning she's tighten up and dad started pounding her p**** hard and deep.his c**** hard and mom stuffed it down her throat and he blows a load into her mouth and then running down her face.she rolls over and I watched Dad put another d**** slowly getting the thing in my mom's ass laying on the bed with two Up her he pumped her slowly then faster and harder one in while the other pulled out she said faster and I watched Dad cram mom's holes till she comes.

  • Wow nice I have in only sniffed and licked my mothers panties just knowing that I was tasting my mothers slit as I jacked off I shot my come for the first time it's true first time I came was with my mothers panty crotch to my nose and so many times after that I also love wearing her panties bras slips while sniffing licking her panties I get hard just thinking about it mmmm she tasted so good from one to ten she would be a tenmomspantysniffer

  • I love the taste and smell of both my mothers and mother in laws panty slit like wearing their panties . stockings . teddys

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