Crazy ass life

My name is Mark and I'm 17 years old.  I live with my dad and his girlfriend because my mom ran off with some guy to the west cost. I've never really lived with my dad before, but have no choice now. I don't much care for my dad's girlfriend. Maybe it's because she's fake, or maybe it's because she's half his age, I don't know. Either way, I normally just try to ignore her when she talks to me. I don't know why she keeps trying to be my friend.
The other day I was in the shower and she just walked right in the bathroom. I mean really, who the f*** does that when their 17 years old stepson is in the shower. I maybe could have seen it if we didn't have a see through shower door, but it's clear glass and she could see everything. Then when I told her to get out, she just stood there and said it's no big deal, I am your mother now. I finally had to shut off the water, get out and grab a towel. The whole time she just stood there and looked at me. I tried telling my dad later, but he just said the same thing she did. Well she is your mother. No she is not, she is only 7 years older than me so she is not my mother. The bad thing is that as much as I don't like her, for some reason it excited me when she was standing there looking at me. I was starting to get hard and that's why I got out and left. Now I keep thinking about it and what the h*** it means. I'm thinking about doing the same to her when she's in the shower, but I don't know. What if i go in when she's in the shower and I get hard and end up f****** her. Or what if she gets p***** and starts acting like a b****. F*** my life is crazy.

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