My sexy wife

My wife Teresa is petite , slim , and a very pretty 32 years old woman . I love to take her out for dinner followed by a night of drinking . We do this once a fortnight or so . She usually wears a short dress or skirt on our nights out . I love when she's had a few drinks , she isn't drunk yet but she's at that point where she becomes extra careful when she has to walk across the room to get to the ladies room . That's always my cue to make sure her glass is never empty so that by the time we leave to go home she is completely drunk and staggering as we go to get a taxi . Once we get to our house I help Teresa from the taxi to our front door and once we're inside I usually have to help her to the bathroom and afterwards help her to our bedroom .

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  • Would love to see some pics of your hot wife Teresa!

  • May a thousand N1ggers fu3k your wife!

  • You should take her to a cheap motel let a bunch of n****** f*** the s*** out of her.

  • Your story made me hard. Drunk women turn me on bigtime! So do big b****. I'd love to get her drunk and pound her till she couldn't c** anymore!

  • And????? What happens then? Do you,like myself leave the curtains open so people can view,or invite somebody else to join you both?

  • I would love to be the "somebody" who joins you & your wife! Wanna talk further then send me an email at

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