Panty wearer

I admit it I love wearing women's ** and I am a heterosexual guy. I wear Victoria's Secret satin ** and prefer hipsters and thongs. I am even starting to wear women's sleepwear. Right now I am considering switching and wearing ** full time. I am even have a habit sitting with my legs crossed too.

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  • I love wearing sating ** a d wear mainly thongs but do wear some bikini ones as well. I love shopping for ** at Victoria's Secret as well. Hope to hear back from someone.

  • I saw a article where a male doctor recommended to a male patient to try nylon briefs, they help you calm down....oh the stories and reasons to slip into **.

  • I have been or always wanted to wear **. They are comfortable, I am straight and married. Only had maybe one fantasy that never happened to go down on my wife wearing ** myself, her taking them off of me getting on top of me and doing me saying we are buying you ** over and over again. Weird? not really. She could have watched me doing a panty ** too. Oh boy! I will not wear women's ** again. I will wear as close to them as possible. If she should die, I will get the men's hand made ** or silk and satin stuff available. I won't remarry, can't deal with it Her health is not good. Thin smooth underwear is great sitting around the house and under my pants out and about. Some go overboard and own hundreds even thousands of **, start wearing other female things, make thanks. The comment next to this a wife is fully supportive of panty wearing, he will never get out of the panty prison. If YOU try ** then you may get what me and others are and have experienced. Another thing people who have injured their ** have been told to wear ** because they are gentle. Well I have hurt myself several times so can you guess what came to mind? I am not a sissy either I own guns like football and eat BBQ not freaking tofu. LOL I once took 2nd place in a karate break in my house you will get shot , no more fist fights for me.

  • Switch and wear ** full time. You won't regret it. I switched years ago. ** 24/7 for me! Wife is fully supportive.

  • I have been wearing ** in secrect for years ,I was just caught in ** by my girlfriend ,she says I will go on all men panty wearing sites and admit it or she will expose me to all my friends ,so here Iam

  • I told my GF I liked to wear ** and she got me one to wear that night and ever since.
    Lots of men wear ** they feel better then men's underwear and mens basically cones on cotton.
    ** come in all kinda if fabrics and different cuts.
    I like my nylon granny ** and my Vaseret ** that are more of the spandex type.
    The reason men night shirts stopped was from central heating.
    Night gowns feel great on your body!!
    Try it out!!

  • She should have brought a bag full! I have worn ** and thongs for 40 years and accumulated thousands.

  • Hahaha. I'm a chick, it sounds cute.

    Undies are undies, if you like whats different, go for it I say. :]

  • I agree, go for it!

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sissies!

  • Make the switch... You'll never regret it. I know I don't!!

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