Made Girlfriend record herself while f****** ex-boyfriend

I have a long distance girlfriend, who is very attractive, but we hardly see each other due to the distance. To make up for the lack of physical sexual contact, we makes videos on webcam for me, sends me ton of nudes . Somewhere along the way, I guess I started fantasizing about her sucking a big c*** on webcam for me. I would make her deepthroat d***** on webcam and would fantasize about her going down on another guy.

I finally got the nerve to ask her because she was pretty open minded, asked if she would ever consider sucking another guys c***. I told her that I thought it would hot. She said "yeah maybe", but we didn't know who. I knew she had blown her ex boyfriend, who she only dated 2 weeks and was nothing serious. So I said what about your ex? She said she wouldn't mind blowing him but I'd have to ask she gave me his number..

I told him how my gf wanted to suck him off and that I was ok with it. . He agreed but none of us drive, so we didn't know where this would all go down. They both go to the same school.

So I asked my gf is she would suck him off at their a bathroom or somewhere private. She was hesitant but one day, she finally agreed and I texted him to meet her at the back of the school. They waited until about 20 mins after everyone left the school, she called me saying, if I was sure I was ok with this, she said she felt kind of sick to her stomach but also excited and turned on by all of this.

I told her it was fine and to take many pictures. She hung up, and I was so anxious waiting...15 mins passed by...nothing stomach felt sick but turned on all at the same time....and then I finally got a call.

"She said...ok I just finished sucking him off in the guys restroom. His c** tasted gross not swallowing next time." And I said "Next time? Youd do it again?" And she said "Maybe." And I asked if she took pictures and said that she'd send them...I received only 2 pictures of his c*** in her mouth, it was so sexy and weird to see another c*** in my girlfriends mouth. She said she couldn't take more pictures because her hands were full. His c*** was pretty big and uncut, which made me even more jealous but turned on. She said he gagged her a lot but she liked the way he kissed.

Months later, I asked if she would be willing to f*** him she was hesitant but after persisting, she came around because we didn't see each other much and she wanted to get fuked.

I was in first year of college then, I remember I was in my math class, when she suddenly sent me a text," my p**** is so sore."

She had gone during her school's lunch and drove to his house. This time she sent me three videos instead of pictures. First one of her on her back, it starts by her jacking him off and then he puts it deep in her..shes moaning..about 30 second clip. Second was of her bent over and I could hear her p**** getting pounded. Lastly, was a video of her sucking his d*** until he came in her mouth.

It was the hottest thing, id ever seen. It felt so sick but sexy to watch her cheat on me. A part of me was jealous and hurt, but so turned on watch my girlfriend f*** her ex....I felt destroyed, and sick to watch her with another man..but yet so excited and turned on.

She swallowed his c** again and told him we could all have a threesome soon. Still waiting for that, but watching my gf cheat has been the best sexual experience of my life. I cant get the image of a big c*** in my girlfriends mouth and p****...and even worse that its with her ex boyfriend...she says she doesn't like him or have feelings for him, but just likes him because he has a big c*** when I am not around.

May 10, 2017

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