I tricked my preteen neighbor into licking my p****. I had her close her eyes and taste different things and i put whip cream on my p**** and she licked it off. I want more but i wont force her. I think if i let her see me naked i could convince her shell get in trouble if i tell or she could let me see her naked.



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  • I have always bin trund on by the thought of taboo s** message me on Gmail or Hangout if u r willing to tell me about it or show picks on if u live in ohio and won't to have 3 way or 1on1

  • I often smear jam on my glans, then put it in the mouth of my two-year-old daughter and let her suck it off. I rub my erection as she's sucking and finally j*** off down her throat. She swallows everything, and leaves my completely satisfied.

  • You're a true piece of s***. I hope you die painfully, hacked to pieces maybe. You deserve to get chopped up by a serial killer.

  • She has already licked you c***, so just get naked

  • Jeez, I've always been mature beyond my years and when I was a preteen, If strangers tried talking to me or being sexually suggestive - I told them to f*** off! I knew too much, too soon. But it prevented me from being in vulnerable situations and still does. However, I'm a fighter now and have been since a child. I feel sorry for any f*****, that's tries their creepy fuckery with me!

    Op, you're f****** sick and the girl that was easily led by your perverted advances, was a dumb f***!

  • Your story made me hard. Drunk women turn me on bigtime! IYour story made me hard. Drunk women turn me on bigtime! I'd love to get you drunk and pound you till you couldn't c** anymore!

  • You/re on the right track ; key is to sustain a mental & psychological advantage. Manipulate her so she is always the perpetrator upon you & keep her in a defensive position.

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