I'm a middle aged lesbian and kicked a boy in the b****

I am a middle aged woman. I was wearing my gym clothes (tight, revealing, you know) and a boy, prepubescent, maybe ten years old, skinny, shaggy hair started taking pictures of me. I kept walking, but he kept following. I asked him multiple times to stop following me and taking pictures. Eventually, I treated the boy like a man and kicked him square in the b****. He immediately dropped to the floor squirming and crying holding his nuts. I deleted all the pictures of me and took one of him curled up on the floor squirming and crying and put his camera back down lol. Lots of people saw. Pretty much everyone laughed. I thought it was hysterical and made me feel good. Wish I still had the picture of that kid rolling around clutching his sack crying. He deserved it and I don't feel bad.



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  • More women should do this. Teach em young not to be such a s*****.

  • TROLL!

  • His t******* have not descended yet at that age. You just kicked him.

  • Good for you. That boy will always remember how a woman hurt his delicate, weak b****. Get 'em while they're young.

  • Tomorrow you will be kicked in the c***. Yeah, you'll probably like it though.

  • You need to get some d***.

  • Middle aged lesbian. you deserve whatever bad things come your way because of this crime you committed. Enjoy jail you d*** ass b****.

  • You are a very sick f***. very.

  • You sound angry about what happened. I can't imagine how that must feel. but its your emotion and you own it!

  • You are trash. garbage. you will be taken out. you deserve that and it will happen.

  • Sure

  • You should bash men. good on you. most men are scum and if anything this guy was open about it so many sleazy men are much more secretive and hide their sleazebag and it would shock you the types of men who sleazy upskirt and do dirty things to women, even female patients, my physical instructor at gymnasium class even they get paid but abuse female clients.

  • Fuckpig, don't leso stalk me and try to bash me, I am a straight girl who will set the pigs and dogs on you. I hate lesbian bullies who attack straight girls. your probably a fake l**** s***. go bash every man you meet. they all need a bashing up by someone like you.

  • This is fake

  • I watched a mother punch her three year old son in the b**** and laugh as he writhed on the ground crying, so it's not like this is out of the realm of possibility. I'm sure plenty of grown women have kicked little boys in the b****.

  • Seriously, you don't feel bad? You could have effectively castrated that kid with a hard kick to the groin, possibly even killed him. Sure, he was a little s***, but is an annoying photo worth murder or castration? If so, then I hope you get ovarian cancer.

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