Stepdaughter from h*** itself

I have the stepdaughter from a union of Satan/damien and Linda Blair she is hateful to me constantly. Always threatening to tell school administration I'm mean or lies of abuse always running to herr father to tattle on her not liking to hear anything from me that is the truth how she treats me when I've said enough. She had the nerve in today mother's day to threaten me and tell me she's just going to be mean and ruin the day. And tries constantly to destroy my marriage to her father. Well I've come to the final conclusion that she is just beyond help hope or anything. She's going to be a violent hateful human being that has no chance of help. She's a complete angry narcissistic personality and conflict disorder. I've tried. Broken my heart trying g but right now from this moment on. After 4 years of being treated with hate that's only now gotten to be in the last two years to be a hourly minute by minute treatment of me esp when her dad's not around. Shes a master manipulator like her birth Mom and feings being kind to me at times only to manipulate him to make him angry at me. I've decided. Done with her. I am done wasting my time in a person who is going to blame everyone for her laziness and only use people her saying she wants to help people is a joke. You know those type. They help only to silently say. Oh everyone. Look at this look what I did. Aren't I a helping kind person....but what you and any sane person sees is what a selfish dare you use helping others only to try to glorify yourself... Well. My freedom now comes from knowing she thank God is not my concern and she ever wins and suceeds on breaking her dad and I up. Her karma will be so terrible it would be better if she wishes she was never born. Someone like her is a cancer a toxin on the world that I hope people when they see what she is and doesn't feel sorry for her well no feel sorry for her. But RUN rub from her in your life. She will suck any joy happyiness and love straight out of you... Run. And don't look back. Trust me. She being in your life in any way is not worth it even for an instance. She cannot and will not change. She sees you as wrong and the problem. She takes a sociopath and psychotic. Pleasure in causing conflict and pain to another's soul.

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  • Have her committed. She sounds like a real c*** with deep seated emotional issues.

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