School S***

I married the school s***, every body I knew in HS f***** her, she put out on the first date for most any one. One night after a basket ball game five guys took her out in the boonys told her put out or get out, they had an old mattress on the ground out in the woods made her get naked sucked and f***** all five of them. It was all over school Monday morning by lunch every body in school knew about her "Party". It's kind of weird now a few years later we see a lot guys who f***** her, all our friends from school we see often know about it and know what a s*** she was in school. Any one else marry the school s*** or know some one who has.

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  • I dated a lot in high school and was sexual with some boyfriends but didn't have s** on the first date.

  • We all make mistakes, if you can trust her it doesn't matter what she did in the past., And she has more experience to please you.

  • You and the commentators are all disgusting. The more I see and read, the more I realize how utterly worthless the West and America truly is. I hope you all burn forever.

  • Ive been the school s*** too... and 5 guys taking turns on me wasnt the maximum LoL Im married too now, but not living in my home town any more. So noone knows about my past unless im talking about it... which I really love!

  • I fell in love with our school s*** and never got over it. I wanted to marry her but she wouldn't have me. I eventually married another girl from our school and we have two kids, but I don't love her. I still love Shawna and I wish we were married. I think about her every day. I want her every day. I love her every day.

  • I actually use to be the a giant s*** in high school. I would have s** with almost anyone. High school guys, college guys, I was all about having fun. I didn't get with my now husband until later. Several of his guy friends are people I've had s** with in the past, and why he doesn't know about all of them, he is aware I've had s** with a couple of guys he knows. I haven't told him that one of his work friends is a guy I had a really fun threesome with one time.

  • Similar for me, although it seems you were a bit more adventurous than I. My man's best work mate is one of those who shagged me rotten in school. So far we haven't disclosed our naughty past and hopefully won't have to do so!

  • At the beginning of my second semester of college i f***** a b**** who was really innocent and had only been with one dude before me. after me she turned into a huge s*** sleeping with diffferent men multiple times a week. i know someone who started datinng her now even though he isnt marrying her still kind of f*** u to think about

  • I didn't know my wife in high school (we lived on opposite sides of the country, and I'm older than her), but she says she was a "major s***", and f***** well over a hundred guys during the three years of high school, including several male teachers, and some of those were married. She says she didn't care about a man's marital status, and I know that was true because I was married when we met. It excites me to know how sexually active and how sexually aggressive she was. Her ten-year high school reunion is next year, and I can't wait to go with her and meet some of the guys she was f****** back then.

  • I had the hots for our school s***. I went after her, worked her for almost a year. And finally bagged her. F***** her, and she f***** like a dream. Everything was fine until I came down with a horrible case of chlamydia, and had to tell my parents what I got. Didn't tell them who gave it to me, but it took forever to get rid of it. I still wanted her, but she was embarrassed about it, or so she said. Apparently, about 2/3 of the school got it from her, either directly or indirectly. She was a major s***, but I loved her.

  • "Worked her for almost a year" either she wasn't much of a s*** or you were really a loser. A good school s*** often puts out on the first date, dates most any one who asked, dates lots of guys and some times a really good one will have a train ran on her or get gang banged.

  • The first-date observation is right on the money. There were three girls at our school like that: if they agreed to go out with you, it meant they had already decided that you were fuckworthy, so you knew you were going to get some p****. You might or might not get the ass, too: that was a super treat that they gave only to the ones who treated them well, or spent a lot of money, or who were super hung. The a****** was the prize, and it was how you knew you were special to them. And if they went ATM, it meant they were in love with you.

  • Yes, sometimes you do actually have to work to get to the front of the line that forms for a really good s***. Those b****** can be in extremely high demand.

  • I was in love with the HS s***, but was never able to date her. I'll never forget going on a beach trip with her and 7 others after we graduated, and she f***** two of my friends that weekend (and let us watch). I was crazy for her, and wished she would have given me a piece too.

    About a month later I sent her a nice card, some flowers, and told her I thought she was beautiful and wanted to date. She politely turned me down, even though I was athletic and fairly good looking (better than the guys she was banging, in some cases). I know for sure she banged about six of my friends overall. A lot of dudes lost their virginity to her. It's been two decades, but I still wish I could have made her mine.

  • God, yes. I have one of those regrets in my life, too. Marcie was just like your girl. I'm married now, and I love my wife. But I still think about Marcie, and I still want her and love her, and there's virtually nothing I wouldn't do to get her and -- just as you say -- make her mine. And make me hers.

  • May a thousand N1ggers fu3k your wife!

  • We are working on it.

  • I love s****. Always have. Always will. Married one. Love her totally.

  • What exactly is wrong with being sexually promiscuous in high school if you are being safe about it? I mean, that's the perfect time because there are a bunch of other people who want to have have s**. Anyway, if a girl has s** in high school, it doesn't somehow degrade her as a person just because she had s**, regardless of how many times it happened.

  • My second and current marriage was to the girl like that. It's weird to have a beer with a couple of guys and they will chat about how they f***** your wife in high school.

  • I had the experience of meeting a guy on an interview for a job I was applying for. It was a second interview and we met for lunch at a café that had been around for a long time. He started telling me about a girl he had f***** in the storage room there, a waitress who worked there while she was in high school. He did her maybe 7-8 times over the course of a month, and the she was gone. He was 29, she was 16, and since he didn't know her name, he lost track of her when she quit, and the café manager wouldn't give him her contact information. He said she was the best f*** he ever had, and that she knew more about men -- and more about f****** -- than any woman twice her age. I knew my wife had worked there briefly at one time, but figured there was no way it could possibly be her, because she'd only been there for a few months: it would be too coincidental. I got the job, went to work and forgot about the conversation. Not quite a year later, she and I went to an office cookout at the boss's house, and as soon as they saw each other, he realized she was the girl from the storage room and they started talking, and walked away from me. She came back a half hour later, freshly f***** (and well f*****), and said she was going to resume the affair (apparently he's "spectacularly well-hung"). My boss walked up after and said my job depended on him having access to my wife. There wasn't much I could do, since they both wanted it. So now, my boss does what your friends do: he tells me what it's like to f*** my wife . . . in my bed.

  • I had my cousin when I was 28 she was 13, bestpussy I ever had and she sucked damn good too

  • Yeah, you can add me to the list. Her name is Lynn, and I was in love with her all through high school, while she was out whoring like crazy. She never went out with me then: I wasn't cool or popular or rich. She never had time for me, because she was so busy f******. She f***** 5-7 nights a week. Virtually every guy in school had her, and even about half of the male faculty. She had an affair with the asst. principal, and even blew up his marriage (everyone thought he would marry her, but he transferred out of the district). When I went to college, I got an engineering degree and have done well. In my late twenties, I went out and found her, told her how I felt, and then we dated for 5 months before she turned up pregnant (surprise!) and got married. She's not as slutty as she was but she still goes out occasionally and goes home with a stranger she meets and "falls in love" with. Once a s*** . . .

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